This is where return to the LPS pets in The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Save The Wonder Pets

[Back to Skiff and the pets]

Pepper Clark: well, we've been out here for a few hours and there's no sign of any clues to where our heroes can be.

Sunil Nelva: [sees something] Hey, I see something!

Zoe Trent: [joyfully] YOU SEE A CLUE!?

Sunil Nevla: A clue? No, I found our main braking power. [points ahead] There's a toad brakevan in that siding ahead.

Pepper Clark: Good eye, Sunil!

Vinnie Terrio: Yeah bud!

[we now see the pets trying the brakevan to Skiff]

Russel Ferguson: That should hold! [hops in the van] I'll man the brake handle.

Vinnie terrio: But how do we signal you when we wanna stop?

Zoe Trent: I've got that taken care of!

[we see Zoe attaching a bell to the van's roof]

Zoe Trent: When we wanna stop, we just ring this bell.

Skiff: Got it.

[then set sail once more]

[then music starts, indicating a song]

Sunil Nevla: We make a team together

Zoe and Pepper: 2

Penny and Minka: 4

Vinnie and Sunil: 6

Russel and Skiff: 8

Vinnie Terrio: We go full steam together

Pets and Skiff Him, her, you, me

Best of friends, forever we'll be

Yeah, yeah

Better together

We need our friends nearby us

Every day

So they can help and guide us

Every way

And we know there's a place they will stay

Yeah, yeah

Forever beside us

Well there's nothing that I couldn't do, when I'm steaming along next to you

(chorus 3x)

We make a team together

2, 4, 6, 8

We go full steam together

Him, her, you, me

We ride along together

All the way

[They then see a station]

Minka Mark: Station, ho!

Pepper Clark: Let's go there.

[they arrive at the platform and Russel brings them to a stop.]

Russel Ferguson: Let's check for any clues.

[they hop out and begin scanning the platform for anything.]

Russel Ferguson: Well?

Minka Mark: Here's spomething! [points to footprints]

Penny Ling: A footprint! Our first clue!

Zoe Trent: I know this footprint. It's from one of those mean twins. [she then sniffs the ground] Yes, it's them alright. and the scent leads this way. [she follows the scent]

[They follow her]

Zoe Trent: [finds a torn peice of paper] Hmm? What's this?

Pepper Clark: [looks at it] There's some kind of writing. [reading] "Gabby Gums."

Sunil Nevla: That newspaper thread!

Russel Ferguson: Huh?

Sunil Nevla: You know, that newspaper thread Diamond Tiara made!

Russel Ferguson: Oh, right.

Minka Mark: This gives us a perfect idea of where to look!

Vinnie Terrio: Yeah!

Penny Ling: Let's go!

[they race back and then set off once more.]