Backson's defeat

Backson's defeat

The Backson is the main, but false, antagonist of the 2011 Winnie the Pooh film. He is a new imaginary creature who lives in the woods.

In the film, Pooh found a note at Christopher Robin's house and couldn't be able to read it. Due to Owl reading the note, he thinks Christopher Robin has been captured by the Backson and told Pooh and his friends that the monster loves causing mischief and mayhem, including scribbling in library books and putting holes in socks. Rabbit comes up with a plan to leave out items all over the Hundred Acre Wood and dig an enormous pit, that way, the items will lure the Backson to the pit, and after he falls in, Pooh and his friends would get Christopher Robin back (unfortunately, they fell into their own trap, but managed to climb out by using a ladder of letters). Christopher Robin finds Pooh and his friends and told them that he wasn't captured by the Backson, he just gone out busy and also told them that he would be back soon. At the end of the movie, it is revealed the Backson is actually real, but instead of being a ferocious monster, he is much more of a nice monster. He discovers the items Pooh and his friends left for him and decided to pick them up and return them, before falling into the very pit, as Rabbit planned. The Backson decides to wait for someone to arrive and help him out.



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