Bad Mane Day is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Princess Luna was having problems with her mane.

One problem for Luna's mane

One day in Canterlot, Princess Luna was having problems with her Mane.

Yuna tries to help

Then, Princess Yuna and Dusty showed up and asked what was wrong and Luna explained about her mane problem.

Asking Rarity to help out

Yuna and Dusty went to ask Rarity to help out, So Rarity came and helped fixed up Princess Luna's Mane, Washing, Brushing and Combing.

Luna's mane was brushed and fixed

It took hours and hours, But Luna's mane was fixed and she gives thanks to Dusty and Yuna for trying to help and thanked Rarity for her help.


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