Shere Khan: One. Two. Three. [Mowgli walks] Four..[Shere Khan turns and looks] [Mowgli picks up a branch] You're trying my patience.

[Baloo, Franklin and friends appear]

Franklin: There they are!

Shere Khan: 5-6-7-8-9-10!

[Shere Khan pounces at Mowgli (who drops his branch), but Baloo holds him by the tail]

Baloo: Run, Mowgli, run!

Shere Khan: Let go, you big oaf!

Baloo: Take it easy, hold it, hold it. Whoa, easy, easy.

Buzzy: He's got a tiger by the tail.

Dizzy: And he'd better hang on, too.

[Shere Khan bites Baloo]

Baloo: Yeow!

Bear: Hey! Don't you dare to bite my uncle!

Mowgli: (hits Shere Khan with the branch) Take that, you big bully!

Flaps: Let him have it! Hit him!

Mowgli: Baloo, help me!

Baloo: Somebody do something with that kid

Dizzy: Come on, lads!

[Flaps and Ziggy carry Mowgli away]

Buzzy: He's safe now, ha-ha-ha, you can let go, Baloo!

Baloo: Are you kiddin'? There's teeth on the other end!

[Shere Khan gets Baloo on the ground before him]

Shere Khan: I'll kill you for this!

Mowgli: Let go! Baloo needs help!

[Lightning breaks a tree and ignites it]

Buzzy: Fire! It's the only thing old stripes is afraid of!

Flaps: Get the fire, we'll do the rest.

[Shere Khan knocks Baloo out]

Beaver: And don't you dare to hurt Baloo!

Shere Khan: I'll kill you for this!

Babar: Oh, yeah? Here they come now.

Vultures: Charge! Punch and blow!

Shere Khan: Stay out of this, you mangy fools.

Buzzy: Yeah, yeah, missed by a mile! Yeah, pull his blinkin' whiskers!

Flaps: He's a bloomin' pussycat!

[Mowgli ties a blazing branch to Shere Khan's tail]

Celeste: Oh, Shere Khan. Look behind you.

[Shere Khan runs away, getting burnt by the fire on every step]

Buzzy: Well, that was the last of him.

Ziggy: Old stripes took off like a flaming comet.

Buzzy: Well, come on, let's go congratulate our friend.

Franklin: We did! We defeated Shere Khan!

(Franklin's friends cheer)

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