This is how Bambi gets Twitterpated, Bambi vs. Ronno, and I Bring You A Song goes in Crash's, Thomas', and Ryan's Adventures of Bambi.

[Bambi drinks from a pond and Faline, as a doe, appears]

Faline: Hello Bambi. Don't you remember me? I'm Faline.

[Bambi's afraid of her and tries to escape but he falls down into the river; he gets up but then his antlers are winded in a tree. Then Faline approaches and licks him. In that moment Bambi's face changes: he's twitterpatted too]

Bambi: Ah-h-h-h.

[He feels himself on air, but the dream is broken by the presence of another young deer, Ronno, who tries to obtain Faline's love]

Faline: Bambi.

[Ronno forces Bambi away from Faline]

Faline: Bambi!

[Ronno forces Faline to go with him. Bambi starts getting angry]

Falind: Bambi!

[Ryan gasps]

[Bambi charges at Ronno and they start fighting]

[Kuryan eats popcorn]

[Faline stands against a rock as she watches Bambi and Ronno fight over her]

[Ronno is defeated]

[Umarak sighs]

[Faline goes up to Bambi and nuzzles him affectionately, having chosen him as her mate]

[Bambi and Faline leave and arrive at a spot at night as "I Bring You A Song" plays]

I bring you a song~

And I sing as I go~

For I want you to know~

That I'm looking for romance~

I bring you a song~

In the hope that you'll see~

When you're looking at me~

That I'm looking for love~

I'm seeking that glow~

Only found when~

Only found on that wonderful day~

When all longing is through~

I'm seeking that glow~

Only found when~

The thrill is complete~

Only found when~

Two hearts chance to beat~

To the strain of a waltz~

That's both tender and new~

I bring you a song~

For I'm seeking romance~

You're by my side~

There's a moon up above~

It shines with a light~

That's so mellow and bright~

It's easy to see that tonight~

We shall fall in love~

I bring you a song~

For I'm seeking romance~

And you~

[Bambi and Faline look at each other and nuzzle each other as Umarak plays a violin]

Ryan Tokisaki: Uhh. Bro? Where'd you get a violin?

Umarak the Hunter: I got it when Ryan bought it.


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