They arrived in Banjo and Kazooie's World

Beetlemon: Is that Banjo and Kazooie's World?

Kazemon: Yes, another world has lost in the Darkness.

They saw a Coffin

Socermon: Is that...

They went off and they saw Kumamon sleeping

All: Kumamon!

They look at him and he disappeared, and they now that he and his friend's are in the Chamber of Waking

Kazemon: Kumamon... What have you and your best friends come here to tell us? I know we promise to wake you up, we're sorry.

Beetlemon: But we have to find a way home before we can help you.

Socermon: We just want you to know that it's been you that keeps our hearts strong. Keeps the Dark away.

Then they saw a Cauldron

Beetlemon: What's that?

Kazemon: It's a Cauldron... What's it doing here?

Then their Phantoms grab them, and take them to the World Within, and they saw many Cauldron around them

Socermon: What happened?

Kazemon: I don't know.

They saw the Cauldron that they came from is empty

Socermon: Those Cauldron... maybe they're a clue.

They went to Cauldron and watch their reflection

Kazemon: Is this how it is to face your demon?

Then a Phantom of them as appeared

Phantom Socermon: You'll never see the realm of light.

Phantom Beetlemon: Is there any point of continuing this

Phantom Kazemon: Only your Heart is hollow enough to be a demon.

Socermon: No, it's not! We can find our way out! time!

Beetlemon: You got it all wrong! We have still fight!

Kazemon: And that's not True! Our Heart is strong! We'll prove it!

They are fighting their Phantoms and they defeated them

Kazemon: Loweemon, Lobomon, Agunimon, Kumamon, Kotemon, Bearmon... and our Phantoms. What could they all mean?

Socermon: I don't know, but we have to find out.

They left and go to another Cauldron and defeated all the Phantom of them

Beetlemon: That's all of them.

Kazemon: Loweemon, Kumamon and their friends didn't have anything to say.

Socermon: But our Shadows... they wanted to destroy us.

They left the Cauldron and go back to the Cauldron where they came from

Kazemon: Never would have though we'd become our worst enemy's. (Sigh)

Socermon: We've talk to ourselves a lot since falling into these Shadows.

Beetlemon: But with the Phantoms, it's as though all of our doubts have gained a voice of their own.

Kazemon: They're the weakness in our hearts.

Socermon: I know we're are alone here...

Beetlemon: Have the uncountable hours in the shadow whittled away the courage we never really had?

Socermon: I think we are losing this fight. The Darkness has found the cracks in our hearts.

Kazemon: Is this... the last apparition before it takes us over?

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