Barney's Adventures of Beauty and the Beast (Full Movie) is an upcoming Barney/Disney crossover movie created by Akg91794.


Barney and some of his friends travel to France, where they meet a bookworm named Belle. One day, they find their father has been captured by a beast, who's actually a prince under a spell, and he needs to learn the meaning of love to break the spell, and he and his entire staff, who have all been turned into magical objects, will be human again. Will Belle ever participate? Can Barney and friends help her? How long is this movie exactly? Is this the last question in this summary? Hmm, I guess so.


  • Ariel, and others appear in this movie.
  • This is all 3 Beauty and the Beast movies put together.
  • Belle, Beast, and several of the objects will join Barney in future adventures.
  • LeFou will get revenge on Barney in the future.
  • In the end, Ariel reveals she's pregnant with Melody.

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