Barney's Adventures of The Princess and the Frog is a Barney/Disney crossover film.


Barney the Dinosaur, Kermit the Frog, and others travel to New Orleans and meet an old friend of Barney's, Tiana, a young waitress who dreams of having her own diner to make her late father happy. One night, they meet a frog who's actually a prince named Naveen, who has been turned into a frog by voodoo man Dr. Faciler. When Tiana kisses him to break the spell, it only turns her into a frog. Soon, when they try to escape, Barney, in hopes of ending the madness, instead turns the rest of the gang into frogs, except for Kermit, since he's already a frog. So, they go in search of Barney's old friend, Mama Odie, in hopes she'll refuel his magic and turn everyone back to normal.


  • Barney and the others aren't turned back to normal (except Naveen and Tiana of course) until they get to Mama Odie's and he has her refill his magic.

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