The Backyard

The entire gang, for now

In his adventures series, Barney will have a brand new backyard gang (see his video series), with new different members, and a lot more than the original. Here is the list of members, plus a couple of their friends, who also appear in Barney's adventures. For the adventures team with Barney's other friends, click here.


    • Barney the Dinosaur
    • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Barney's keeper
    • Phineas Flynn
    • Ferb Fletcher
    • Vanellope von Schweetz
    • Taffyta Muttonfudge
    • Sherman Peabody
    • Penelope "Penny' Peterson
    • Charlie Brown
    • Snoopy (co-mascot)
    • Woodstock (co-mascot)
    • Linus van Pelt
    • Lucy van Pelt
    • Peppermint Patty
    • Schroeder
    • Dipper Pines
    • Mabel Pines
    Barney the Dinosaur, BJ, Baby Bop, Riff
  • Isabella Garcia ShapiroPhineas FlynnFerb Fletcher
  • Vanellope von SchweetzTaffyta Muttonfudge (starting in Barney meets the Super Mario Bros)
  • Sherman, Penny
  • Charlie BrownLinus van Pelt, Lucy van Pelt, Peppermint PattySchroeder
  • Dipper and Mabel Pines (starting in )
  • Secondary Mascots:Twinken the Dream MakerLizSnoopyWoodstock

Guest Recruits: