Barney Joins The Muppets

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Barney and Friends
Holly Hobbie and Friends: ...


Jason Segel
Amy Adams
Chris Cooper
Rashida Jones
Steve Whitmire
Eric Jacobson
Dave Goelz
Bill Barretta
David Rudman
Matt Vogel
Peter Linz
Jack Black (cameo)
Whoopi Goldberg (cameo)
Mickey Rooney (cameo)
Sarah Silverman (cameo)

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Liliana Mumy
Bob West

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Barney Joins The Muppets in a Barney/Jim Henson crossover by Akg91794. It will be relased on YouTube in the nearby future. It is part of a back-to-back double feature with its follow-up, Barney's Adventures of Muppets Most Wanted.


Amy's uncles Gary and Walter take the kids to Los Angeles, on Gary and Mary's anniversary trip, and they help Barney's froggy friend Kermit to reunite the Muppets to save their studio, theater, and name. During which, Buster Bunny and his Tiny Toon chums try to get bigger parts in the movie.