Barney and the Little Mermaid is a Barney/Disney crossover film by Akg91794. It will premiere on YouTube in the nearby future.


The Cat in the Hat tells the tale of how Barney helped a little mermaid get her man, after she trades her voice to a sea witch who bullied Barney in school.

It starts above the ocean, where a ship carrying Prince Eric and his butler Grimsby is sailing along as the crew talk about the merfolk who live below (Fathoms Below). Grimsby has his doubts, but one of the crew members tells him not to, the fish he's holding wiggles back into the ocean, as the merfolk of Atlantica swim over to the concert of King Triton's seven daughters (Daughters of Triton). Unfortunately, the youngest one, Ariel, is not there, but searching through a sunken ship, with a young fish named Flounder, for human stuff, when a shark pops. They manage to escape and head above land to find Scuttle, a seagull who thinks he knows everything on human stuff. Luckily, Barney and Kermit are there with him, but they fail to correct him. After Scuttle describes a fork as a 'dinglehopper' and a pipe as a 'snartblaff', Ariel remembers the concert, and she and Flounder rush home, with Barney and Kermit joining, unaware that Ursula, a sea witch who bullied Barney in school, is watching them, plotting revenge on King Triton for kicking her out of the palace.

...coming soon


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