This is how Barret's funeral and the end of the film goes in The Beginning of the Chronicles II.

[the next day, we see every single equine as rain is falling]

Princess Celestia: Barret, wherever you are. You will always be in my heart, espically in heaven. Amen.

Equine: Amen.

King Solar Flare: And my grand daughter, Sharon. Has a few words to say.

[Sharon walks up]

Sharon: Thanks, Grandpa. My father taught me everything about magic, and the ways of the Force. [sniffs] I'm just gonna miss him. 

Princess Celestia: [puts her wing on her] We're all gonna miss him, Sharon. We're all gonna miss him very much. [a tear streams down her cheek]

[Then Yuna hears some rustling in the bushes]

Yuna: Huh? [she goes to see it and sees Snowdrop] Mama!

Princess Luna: [comes over]

Snowdrop: [crying]

Princess Luna: Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: Princess Luna?

Princess Luna: [places her wing on Snowdrop] What's wrong? Why are you so sad?

Snowdrop: I'm sad, because a Monstrous Nightmare killed my Mother! [continues crying]

Princess Luna: Oh, no. [hugs her]

Snowdrop: And Now I don't have any one to go to or to live with anymore.

Princess Luna: You're wrong.

Snowdrop: What do you mean?

Princess Luna: You're staying with me.

Snowdrop: Huh? What do you mean?

Princess Luna: You're part of our family.

Snowdrop: Really?

Princess Luna: Yes, you are one of my closest friends I've had. So, I'm gonna adopt you.

Yuna: Snowdrop!

Snowdrop: Is this Yuna?

Princess Luna: Yes, that's her.

Snowdrop: Hi, Yuna. I'm Snowdrop.

Yuna: Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: I'm your sister.

Yuna: My Sister?

Hiro: Yes. And I'm your father.

Snowdrop: Thanks, Prince Hiro.

[Then a royal guard races in]

Royal guard: Celestia! [takes off his helmet]

Princess Celestia: Yes?

Royal guard: The Trade Federation. They cut off all roots on the Isle of Royalty!

Princess Celestia: [gasps]

Shining Armor: That's the home of the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia!

Princess Celestia: Please start the feast without me. I'm speaking to the leader of the Trade Federation.

Nyx: Twilight?

Twilight: Yes?

Nyx: A little earlier 2 dragons went into Skyla's room.

[then Cadance bolts up to her]

Cadance: Is she okay?!

Nyx: Yeah, yeah. She is. But that wasn't the kicker, another dragon flew into her room too.

Cadance: Is she fine?

Nyx: Yeah, but, it was protecting Skyla from the other 2 dragons.

Cadance: Protecting her?

Nyx: Yes.

Twilight: What kind of dragon was it?

Nyx: I don't know. All I know is it dark blue, with green-yellow eyes. Huge wings, and it walked on all fours.

Twilight: [gasps] Night Fury!

Nyx: Huh?

Twilight: Nyx, that dragon you saw was a Night Fury!

Nyx: Really?

Scootaloo: [races up] You saw a Night Fury!?

Nyx: Uh, yeah.

Scootaloo: Lucky you! I wish I could've seen it.

Nyx: You never know, we might see it again.

[Then we see the same Night Fury from before watching them, and she flies away and the film ends with the Star Wars end theme]

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