Here's how Barret's resurrection, the lightsaber duel, and villains' defeat goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[the team race up the pool]

Nyx: [takes out the book] Alright. Here we go. [reading from it] To make a resurrection possible, first add "something to shine as bright as the sun."

Sweetie Belle: One diamond. [throws it into the pool.]

Nyx: "Something to glow white as the moon."

Fishlegs: One moonstone. [throws it into the pool]

Nyx: "Something that resembles the unusual shape of the stars."

Snowdrop: One of my snowflakes. [throws it into the pool]

Nyx:  And lastly, "something to symbolize the power of love."

Sharon: Father's wedding ring. [pauses] (to herself) Please, work for me. [throws it into the pool]

Nyx: [reading] "Water of Youth Fountain." We came here to bring back someone we care for. Prince Barret Barricade, Sharon's father. Now with the four items we add to the waters. Work your power and bring back Barret Barricade to us all!"

[then the waters start to swirl and then begin swirling very fast as a bright light glows from it. Then a water cyclone emerges from the water and then then slowly arches over the team, and onto the ground and the waters start to slowly down as another bright light start to glow and then there's a bright flash! then the flash fades and everyone looks, and there on the ground, crouched down was Barret Barricade!]

Barret Barricade: [slowly gets up] Whoo! That was something.

Sharon: DADDY!!!!! [she jumps in the air and hugs him]

Barret Barricade: Sharon! [returns the hug]

Sharon: You're back! You're back! You're back!

Barret Barricade: Oh, you've grown.

Sharon: Yeah, I did. And I've also gotten stronger with the Force.

Barret Barricade: Oh. [hugs her]

Sharon: [some tears stream down her face] I missed you..

Barret Barricade: So did I.

Sharon: [takes out Barret's Lightsaber] Welcome back, father.

Barret Barricade: [takes his Lightsaber] It's good to be back, sweet thing.

[Then bang! There was Knifestand!]

  1. Fishlegs: AH!! The Screaming Death!

Yuna: Wait a minute, that's not the same one. It's a different one!

Sideshow Bob: It's because it's mine! (hops onto Knifestand's head) Meet, Knifestand!

Knifestand: ROAR!!!!

Sunil Nevla: Oh, come on!

Ernie: I've got you now!

Sharon: You just can't learn when to give up can you?!

Ernie: You can't keep a guy like me down. [walks forward and looks at Barret] So this is the prince that married Celestia.

Barret Barricade: You're the one who killed Lunarlight and the Queen!

Ernie: Yeah, I killed them. I would've preferred to kill Yuna, but whatever works for me. (to Sharon) So you couldn't say on my side then?

Sharon: Sorry, but I belong on the Jedi's side. And You won't be hurting any else now. [deploys and then activates her lightsaber]

Ernie: So be it that way. [but instead of deploying his Lightsaber he deploys a rare Darksaber]

Yuna: A Darksaber!?

Fishlegs: He has one too?!

Mushu: What the heck's a Darksaber?

Ernie: This Lightsaber was stolen from the Jedi Temple, by my ancestors during the old republic. Since then many Jedi died upon it's blade. [points the saber] And now you will share their fates! [jumps in the air and clashes with Sharon]

[Soon the 2 are dueling it out, clashing in all directions]

Ernie: Ha! [swings his saber but Sharon blocks it]

[then Sharon pushes back with her saber]

Ernie: [moans]

Sharon: Had enough?

Ernie: [he then draw his Colt Revolver and fires]

Sharon: [deflects them]

Yuna: C'mon let's help her!

Bobby Briggs: Oh, no, you don't! Venomoth, let's go! [throws a Poké Ball]

[The ball opens and Venomoth comes out]

Venomoth: VENOMOTH!!

Bobby Briggs: Venomoth, Solar Beam!

Venomoth: [turns her wings white and builds up solar energy, and uses solar beam]

Hiccup: Toothless, Plasma Blast!

[Toothless does so exploding the upcoming attacks from the blast]

Yuna: Take that!

Bobby Briggs: Venomoth, Supersonic!

[Venomoth flies up and does a powerful supersonic which affects our heroes]

[as Ernie keeps trying to shoot Sharon with his Colt Revolver but Sharon keep blocking his shot as she races forward and then she destroys it!]

Ernie: Ah!

Sharon: You know, if you wanna really have some better gun fighting, you might need to use a better handgun. [she swings her saber again as Ernie then blocks it with his Darksaber]

Flareon: Hey, Veno creep! EAT THIS!! [does a fire blast and hits Venomoth]

Bobby Briggs: Venom! 

[Venomoth lands on the ground]

Umbreon: Beat that!

Bobby Briggs: [returns Venomoth]

Glaceon: My turn! 

Bobby Briggs: Go Pinsir!

[Pinsir is released]

Pinsir: [beats on his chest] PINSIR!!!

Leafoen: Look at that, another Bug-type Pokémon.

Blythe: I'll check it out. [takes out her Pokédex]

Blythe's Pokédex: Pinsir, the Stag Beetle Pokémon. Pinsir is astoundingly strong. It can grip a foe weighing twice its weight in its horns and easily lift it. 

Blythe: Be careful Glaceon, Pinsir is strong.

Glaceon: I know that.

Bobby Briggs: Pinsir, Shadow Claw!

Pinsir: Piiiiinnn! [he claws glow dark and charges forward]

Glaceon: [dodges it and uses Iron Tail]

Pinsir: Sir! [turns around]

Bobby Briggs: Focus punch!

Pinsir: PINSIR!! [does so but Glaceon avoids every attack]

Glaceon: YAH!! [does an Ice Beam and freezes Pinsir in an icecub and breaks it with an iron tail. Causing Pinsir to faint]

Bobby Briggs: Pinsir, return! [returns Pinsir]

Glaceon: Got anymore left?

Bobby Briggs: That tears it! Golem, let's go! [he throws his Pokéball and Golem is released]

Golem: GOLEM!

Espeon: A rock-type!

Blythe's Pokédex: Golem, the Megaton Pokémon. Golem live up on mountains. If there is a large earthquake, these Pokémon will come rolling down off the mountains en masse to the foothills below.

Glaceon: Everyone knows Rock and Ground type's are weak aganist Ice and Water!

Flareon: Yeah.

Bobby Briggs: Stone edge!

Golem: [glows some rings around him which turn to rocks] Lem! [fires at them]

Jolteon: Watch out!

Umbreon: I got them! [he then uses protect]

Sideshow Bob: [takes out a Dark Ball] Those are tough Eeveelutions. [presses the button which grows big] But let's see if there up to a power increasing Pokémon! [throws it and it unleashes a Beedrill!]

Espeon: A Beedrill!

Leafoen: And it's look at, it's cooler!

Eevee: Yeah, it's darker.

Flareon: Oh no, that can only mean one thing.

Sideshow Bob: That's right! Sludge Bomb! 

Beedrill: [fires sludge bomb]


Leafeon: That was a powerful Sludge bomb!

Mushu: How is that Beedrill so powerful?!

Hiccup: The power increases!

Mushu: I know that, I meant, how did it increase?

Vaporeon: It's those dark Pokéballs.

Mushu: What are you talking about?

Sideshow Bob: You see, the Pokémon I catch with a Dark Ball become evil Pokémon. And that's how their power increases to the highest level.

Skyla: That's right.

Mushu: Oh... I gotcha.

Glaceon: Still, we have to take it down!

Leafoen: Yeah!

Umbreon: And I may have a plan to do so.

Bobby Briggs: Golem, Hyper Beam!

Golem: Golem! [he then uses Hyper Beam]

Everyone: Whoa! [avoids it]

Umbreon: Okay, let's do this!

Sideshow Bob: Go, Beedrill!

Beedrill: Beedrill! [uses double team]

Flareon: Double Team!

Ralphie: Which one is the real one?!

Vaporeon: Shoot them all down! HYDRO PUMP!!! [fires a large Hydro Pump at all of them]

[the Hydro Pump then washes all of them and hits the real one]

Vaporeon: There's the real one!

Flareon: My turn! FIREBLAST!!! [does fireblast and engulfs Beedrill and faints]

Leafoen: That took care of him. And now Vine Wipe! [shes uses it on Golem and toses it and it looses]

Espeon: Yeah! We did it!

Eevee: Yeah! High Five!

[They all did one]

[meanwhile, Sharon is continuing to duel Ernie]

Ernie: Your powers are weak, young one!

Sharon: You underestimate me, by a long shot!

[They clash their sabers]

[then we hear the sound of another Lightsaber activating]

Ernie: Huh? [turns around and sees Barret with his double bladed lightsaber]

Barret Barricade: I'm cutting into this battle!

Ernie: You should not have come back!

Barret Barricade: You should not have murdered the Emperor and the Queen! Let alone, brought harm to my family!

["Going to Latios" starts playing in the background as they clash their sabers violently]

[As they clash their sabers violently, they are slowly approaching an edge]

Ernie: [looks in horror]

Barret Barricade: HAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! [force charges him]

[Barret then Force shoves Ernie back, as Ernie trips over a root and falls back. Then Barret violently clashes his saber against Ernie's several times as the rock underneath starts to crack, and then it breaks loose and Ernie falls down into the abyss]

Ernie: (as Drake) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barret Barricade: [stares down the abyss for a moment] HAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! (it echoes) [he then deactivates his saber]

Fishlegs: Whoa.

Snotlout: Sharon, your Father really kicks butt!

Sharon: Yeah, he does.

King Sombra Now for the rest of you! [deploys his Darksaber]

["Ignite from Sword Arts Online" starts playing]

Moon Starlight: Here he comes! [activates her lightsaber]

Yuna: [activates reguler and the Lunar Saber] Right! Let's do this!

Snowdrop: Yes! (Activates her lightsaber)

[The 4 then Clash their Sabers]

King Sombra: How can the snow colored one fight?! She's blind!

Snowdrop: I might be blind, but I don't need my ordinary eyes to see, I use the Force for my vision!

King Sombra: Then you'll die first, like your mother!

[They continue clashing their sabers as Sombra then Force shoves Yuna asside]

Yuna: Uh!

[Then, Nightmare Moon seeps forward]

Nightmare Moon: Hello, Yuny darling.

Yuna: Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare Moon: So, we meet again little foal.

Snotlout: Wait a minute, how are you even here?! I thought Hiccup cut you in half with the Lunar Saber!

Nightmare Moon: Ah.. Yes, he did. but with help from Nightmare Hiro, I was put back together again (stands up to show a healed scar on her abdomen) And now, I'm gonna settle the score! [she then Force deploys her sabers and then activates them]

Yuna: You're on! [she deploys her sabers and clashes with Nightmare Moon's]

[And they're jumping around and around by clashing]

Connie: [watching, wooriedly]

Astrid: Connie, don't just sit there! Help her out!

Connie: What? But I never fought against a Sith before! Why should I?

Astrid: Because you're Yuna's Padawan!

Connie: Yeah, I know that. But, I just... this is a new thing for me.

Astrid: That's what being a Jedi is about. Taking new challenges! And facing your biggest fears!

Brian: Connie, you're strong in the Force. You can do it!

Connie: (thinks for a moment and then she grabs her Lightsaber) You 2 are right. I won't let my Padawan Teacher down! [activates it an Force Leaps after Nightmare Moon and Yuna]

[the 2 continue jumping around and clashing their sabers as they then lands near a clearing]

Nightmare Moon: Now young Yuna, you will perish!

[Nightmaare Moon then Force leaps forward and almost hits Yuna, but then Connie blocks her as the last second]

Connie: It's just been revoked!

Nightmare Moon: Well, well, a giraffe. My, this will be interesti,,, [notices Connie's Padawan braid] What?! (uses her magic to grab the Briad) A Padawan Braid?!

Connie: Yep!

Nightmare Moon: Who are you the Padawan of?

Yuna: Me. Connie's my Padawan.

Nightmare Moon: [laughs] You're too young to be a Padawan!

Connie: Maybe so, but Yuna and my friends believe I can become a Jedi Knight!

Nightmare Moon: [growls]

Yuna: Ready?

Connie: As ready as you are, Yuna.

Yuna: Let's do it!

[the 2 then clash their sabers with Nightmare Moon as Snowdrop and Moon continue dueling with King Sombra]

King Sombra: Who's this other foal that looks like Yuna?!

Moon Starlight: Moon Starlight, I was born right after you 2 were defeated the last time you were here.

King Sombra: What?

Moon Starlight: That's right, and I too leanred the ways of the Force. And I was once Princess Luna's Padawan, and now I'm a Jedi Master!

Nightmare Trix: Well, this is something.

Nightmare Hiro: Yeah.

Moon Starlight: I can fight both of you!

Nightmare Hiro: We'll see about that. [he and Nightmare Trix then deploy their own lightsabers]

Moon Starlight: Yah! [Force leaps towards the 2] 

Nightmare Trix: Come and get it!

[they clash sabers with Monon as she clashes sabers with them at different angles and directions]

Nightmare Trix: Impressive.

Nightmare Hiro: Very impressive, Princess Luna taught you well.

Moon Starlight: You'll found that I'm a fast learner.

Snowdrop: Starlight, catch! [tosses her lightsaber]

Moon Starlight: [catches Snowdrop's Lightsaber and duels with them]

[the 3 continue clashing sabers at different angles and derections and then Nightmare Hiro wounds her by striking her knee!]

Moon Starlight: Ah! [then Nightmare trix strikes her on her front left leg]

Moon Starlight: Ow!

Nightmare Trix: Now die. [raises her lightsaber up]

Snowdrop: NO!! [force grabs her lightsaber and cuts off her horn]

Nightmare Trix: AAHOW!!!

Nightmare Hiro: Trix! 

Snowdrop: [Force pushes Nightmare Hiro] You lost!

[Then she lifts him up and zaps him and throws him far away]

Skyla: Wow... Snowdrop that was amazing!

Snowdrop: I never thought I could do that.

Princess Black Hole: Well, you may of betten my sis and her guy, but you still have to go through me! [deploys her lightsaber]

Hiccup: Gladly.

Princess Black Hole: Show me your stuff, viking.

Hiccup: [pushes his coat asside and then Force grabs his own Lightsaber and then activates it]

Princess Black Hole: Huh? When did you get a Lightsaber?

Hiccup: Shortly after you and your family first came, I constructed one of my own, that I can use.

Princess Black Hole: Well, this will be interesting. But you still won't be no match for me! Because I'm a Sith alicorn!

[the 2 clash their sabers at different angles]

Princess Black Hole: Impressive. Very Impressive.

Hiccup: This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Princess Black Hole: [clashes with Hiccup's saber] Not very bad. But let's see how you are with your footing.

[they clash their sabers again as they come over an edge]

Princess Black Hole: Nice. Very good. But you are still in the way of me getting to Yuna!

Hiccup: You won't be getting anywhere near Yuna!

Princess Black Hole: I will eat her heart, then yours!

Hiccup: WRONG!!

[he clashes his saber against hers and soon he managed to overpower Black Hole and he then cuts her saber]

Princess Black Hole: Ahhh!!! Okay, I surrender! You win!

Hiccup: [deactivates his saber] Care to do the honors, Toothless?

Toothless: [growls]

Princess Black Hole: What is he gonna do to me?

Hiccup: You'll see.

[Toothless then picks up Black Hole by the tail and then he swings her around]

Princess Black Hole: Whoa-oo-oo-oo! [covers her mouth and vomits on the screen]

[then he throws her up in the air and fires a blast and she explodes]

Hiccup: [stratches Toothless' chin] Nice work bud.

Bobby Briggs: Me and Bob are not done yet!

Sideshow Bob: Get them, Knifestand!

[Knifestand flies toward our heroes but then there was a thumping sound]

Sideshow Bob: Huh? What's that?

[Then out of the trees emerges Rexy!]

Rexy: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sugarcoat: AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Sunny Flare: [hops into Eevee's arms] A BIG T-REX!!!

Vinnie Terrio: Rexy!

Eevee: Get off of me! [throws her away]

Sideshow Bob: Big deal! Knifestand, get that dead lizard!

[Kinfiestand roars as Rexy then charges and bites him]

[Rexy at first takes advantege but then Knifestand bites her and throws her to the ground]

Blythe: Rexy's in trouble!

Sideshow Bob: Finish it.

Sunil Nevla; I can't bear to watch! [covers his eyes]

[But before Knifestand can finisah Rexy, there's another roar]

Russell Ferguson: I conizee that roar.

[then out from the trees, appears Blue!]

Blue: ROAR!!!!!!!! [hops on Knifestand's face]

Kinifestand: [raors in pain as he tries to shake off Blue]

[then Rexy springs back up and bites Knifestand's neck and slams him into a giant tree]

[Knifestand tries hard, but both Blue and Rexy are too much for him as Rexy continues slamming him into huge trees, as Blue stratches and bites his body and head. Then he feels something and his head is sliced off]

Yuna: Booya.

Minka Mark: Alright!

Dr. Faciler: Aren't you forgetting something?

Zeñorita: The witch doctors. Stand asside mi amigos, I'l handle this.

Rasputin: Well, if it isn't the daughter of the herbalist zebra.

Dr. Faciler: You certainly changed since we last seen you.

Zeñorita: En serio, 2 realmente necesita para darle un descanso.

Rasputin: Our powers have become more powerful than anyone's, even yours. [he then does some dark energy at Zenortia but she easily blocks it]

Dr. Faciler: [makes some dark energy darts and throws them at her, but Zeñorita deflects each one]

Zeñorita: Que va a tomar más de trucos de magia negra de lujo que yo.

Dr. Faciler: It's obvious that this contest can't be decided with our knowleged of magic. [uses his magic to make a sword]

Rasputin: [does the same] But with our skills in swordsmen ship.

Zeñorita: [Force grabs her Lightsaber and activates it]

[they both jump forward]

Zeñorita: YAAAH!!!

[they all clash their swords at different angles as Zeñorita hops all around them clashing her saber against their swords]

Dr. Faciler: Give up, zebra. You're no match for us!

Zeñorita: ¿Oh si? [draws her gun and shoots their pendants]

Rasputin: AAAH!

Dr. Faciler: No! No!

[then the spirits appear and sorround the 2 and then they are taken away into the underworld below]

Zeñorita: Hmph!

(Back to the duel with Nightmare Moon)

Nightmare Moon: Not bad.

Yuna: My knowledge of the Force has gotten stronger last time we fought.

King Sombra: Good. Which means you die.

Connie: No! [she then starts spinning her Lightsaber and then it starts spinning so fast that it starts to make the sound of a helicopter and then a huge breeze of Force wind starts to come from Connie's Lightsaber and then the Force wind from it starts to push against Nightmare Moon and King Sombra and then they're both blown back]

Moon Starlight: Whoa.

Connie: Firestorm, blast them!

Firestorm: [does so]

[Soon the 2 yell in terror as they are killed in the blast]

Fishlegs: Well, they're dead.

Sharon: Let's go home.

Sour Sweet: Uhm, I don't like the way. [points to what it is]

[It was the pack of Raptors from the stampede!]

Sunny Flare: Trapped, with dead reptiles! How nice.

Indigo Zap: It couldn't be worse, right?

[But then out of the ground emerges the Regies]

Regirock: [beeping] Rock!

Regice: Reg, Regice!

Registeel: [beeping] 

Eevee: It's them!

Registeel: [beeping grabs Sharon]

Sharon: [painting]

Flareon: It's gonna kill Sharon! And we can't change their minds!

Eevee: Wait, Flareon! That's it! The Jedi Mind Trick! [waves his paw] We are not your enemy, the enemy is the raptor pack.

[Then Regies get through a pain. And they shut down, but then come back on and Registeel releases Sharon]

Regirock: Regirock!

Raptors: [screeching]

Regirock: [beeping buils up a hyper beam]

[Soon the raptors run and Regirock fires, and soon the 3 regies began to chase the raptor pack. As they are screeching in terror]

Regirock: Regirock!

Registeel: [beeping]

Regice: Regice! Re, Re, Regice!

Eevee: Huh, I guess the Jedi Mind trick works on Pokemon too.

Brian: Let's get out of here before they reprogram again.

[They fly out of here]

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