Here is how Bartok and Twila's performance in Manehattan goes in Twila Runs Away.

In Manehattan.

Bartok: Remember the plan, Twila.

Zozi: (getting his costume ready) I do the acting, You do your magic and Bartok does the rest.

Princess Twila: Okay.

And the show begins to start.

Zozi: (clears his throat) Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen and Mares and Gentlecolts! Tonight, You are about to witness the Bravery of Bartok the Magnificent!

The crowd cheered.

Bartok: Okay, Twila. That's your cue.

Princess Twila: (use her magic to create some realistic monsters)

Bartok: Look! A dragon attacking Manehattan! I'll stop him!

Princess Twila: (makes the dragon breaths fire)

Bartok: (used water and a knife to take down the dragon)

Princess Twila: (makes a Gorgon to prepare to turn Bartok to stone)

Bartok: (closed his eyes and heard vibrations and used a spear and stabbed the Gorgon)

Princess Twila: (makes a Griffin to prepare to attack)

Bartok: (uses the sword to defeat the Griffin) Tada!

The crowed cheered.

Princess Twila: (bows politely)

Bartok: Thank you! Thank you!

Princess Twila: That was fun!

When the show was over, Bartok, Zozi and Twila shared their earning of the money.

Princess Twila: So, How much of the earning do I get?

Bartok: (gives one bag of gold coins to Twila) Here you are!

Zozi: You see, Twila. Whatever much bags of gold we make, We split 50/50.

Princess Twila: That's amazing.

Bartok: And we owe it all to you, Princess Twila.

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