Here is how Baseball Training with Iron Will, Game 2 and Headliners vs Roaudhouse Kickers goes in The Headliners.

The next day.

Scrooge McDuck: Wee ones, Yesterday's performance was phenomenal. All the online chat rooms are exploding with enthusiasm.

Princess Sharon: Sounds like we're making a very great start.

Roger: Mr. McDuck, Why aren't we out practicing on the field?

Scrooge McDuck: Well, I thought we could have a kind of a secret practice. Maybe become more well-rounded as a unit. Nothing much. Hitting, running, throwing, catching. So, I brought someone to help you with your training.

Iron Will: Me! Iron Will!

Princess Yuna: Hi, Iron Will. What brings you here?

Iron Will: Princess Yuna, I've heard you saved Canterlot from that evil Jester.

Princess Skyla: Wow!

The Royal Crusaders: Woah!

Super Jetstream: This is gonna be the best baseball training ever.

Turbo: You bet, Son.

Nellie: Remember to focus on the training.

Super Jetstream: Yes, Mom.

Iron Will: Alright. Let's get started!

So, the training begins.

Princess Yuna:

Iron Will: (starts the baseball shooter)

Snowdrop: I got it!

Turbo: Way to feel it, Snowdrop!

Super Jetstream: Dad! watch me! (caught the ball with his speed)

Turbo: Great catch, Son!

Super Jetstream: Thanks, Dad!

Turbo: That training really paid up.

Soon, the training was finished.

Princess Yuna: We did it!

Iron Will: Well done, Kiddies! Your training is now complete!

Snowdrop: I can hear well where it's gonna hit.

Nyx: Now we're gonna be the best players.

Roger: You bet we are.

Judy: Let's get ready for the next game.

Katrina: Alright!

Soon, the second game begins.

Perch Perkins: Perch Perkins here with GIR, Tricia Takanawa, Tom Tucker, Joyce Kinney and Kent Brockman.

GIR: Go Team!

Tricia Takanawa: Thank you, Perch. We look forward to come in live in this field today.

Kent Brockman: Well, This is Game 2 and The Headliners are up against the Roadhouse Kickers.

Tom Tucker: This is Tom Tucker with Joyce Kinney.

Joyce Kinney: We're here in live to witness The Headliners in this game.

Tom Tucker: And we go to Ollie Williams viewing the stadium in the Chopper. How's it coming, Ollie?

Ollie Williams: I see a Diamond Shape!

Tom Tucker: Thank you, Ollie. And now, Play Ball!

Princess Yuna: Come on, Guys. Just like we practice.

Princess Cornelia: This should be diverting.

Duchess Petunia: Indeed.

Princess Yuna: Peter, Cleveland, Homer, Stan, Fry, May the best man or pony wins.

Peter Griffin: You're on, Yuna.

Hours pasted and the Headliners win.

Perch Perkins: And The Headliners win, Ladies and Gentlemen.


Homer Simpson: D'OH!

Peter Griffin: Oh crap!

After the game, the Headliners won.

Princess Cornelia: Bravo, Headliners!

Rarity: And well done, Yuna! Well done, Emerald!

Spike: Your first home run! We're so proud of you!

Emerald: Thanks, Mommy! Thanks, Daddy!

Princess Yuna: Homer, Cleveland, Peter, Fry, Stan, Great game.

Homer Simpson: I could have done it better.

Bart Simpson: Too bad you're not fast enough.

Homer Simpson: Why You Little! (strangles Bart)

Eevee: Nyx, Yuna, Can I have your autographs?

Nyx: Sure, Eevee. (writes and pass it to Yuna)

Princess Yuna: (writes and gives it back to Eevee) Here.

Brian Griffin: Wow, That's really nice of you girls.

Sylveon: Thanks so much.

Eevee: Isn't it great?

Brian Griffin: Yeah, Eevee. We're really happy for you.

Elsa the Snow Queen: Congratulations to all of you.

Princess Yuna: (hugging her godmother) Thanks, Elsa.

Snowdrop: It was fun.

Princess Sharon: Is sure is.

Meanwhile, Mr. Swackhammer, Squilliam, Ozzy and Strut were spying on The Headliners.

Mr. Swackhammer: (looks threw the binoculars) How do they keep winning?!

Squilliam Fancyson: These kids are turds compared with the Headliners!

Ozzy: They seem to be a greater team then I thought.

Strut: I thought so too, Ozzy.

Mr. Swackhammer: There must be some other way to get rid of them.

Squilliam Fancyson: But how?

Mr. Swackhammer: (begins to think of a plan)

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