Bash's Luck is a season 1 episode of Made-Up Thomas and Friends Stories.


Bash is blinded after a battle with Starscream and Evil Ryan. He cannot fight anymore due to his blindness so he has to stay at the Autobot base. It's up for Ratchet to fix Bash's eyes.


Bash gets Blinded

Bash is playing with Matau and Ryan. Suddenly, Starscream and Evil Ryan show up from nowhere. Bash gets ready to fight. Starscream orders Evil Ryan to attack Bash. Bash is blinded in the process and Evil Ryan and Starscream escape. Ryan and Matau takes Bash to the Autobot base. Ratchet checks if there's something wrong with Bash. And Matau puts a blindfold over Bash's eyes. Ratchet says


  • No songs will be in this episode.


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