Here's the transcript.


Narrator: Life. The great miracle... and the great mystery.

Mewtwo: (whispering) Who am I?

Narrator: Since the beginning, humans and Pokemon alike have searched for its meaning.

Mewtwo: (whispering) What am I?

Narrator: Many strange and wondrous legends evolved from the pursuit of life's mysteries.

Mewtwo: (whispering) Where... am I...

Narrator: But none is stranger than this tale of the most powerful Pokemon of all.

Mewtwo: (whispering) I am be.

Mewtwo: I? This, this is not the same. Was everything before... just a dream? Why?

Scientist 1: Doctor, look at this!

Prof. Smith: What?

Scientist: Its brainwaves... they're surging!

Scientist: Let me see!

Scientist: She's right!

Scientist: Let's run another scan!

Scientist: Its mind is racing!

Mewtwo: Those voices.

Prof Smith: I hope we don't lose this one!

Mewtwo: They're outside.

Prof. Smith: We can't lose this one!

Mewtwo: Where I must be. (Breaks glass)

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