This is how Batman tells everyone about the nuclear bomb was hidden somewhere goes in War of the Apocalypse.

(Now we go to Batman carries a badly injured man to shelter)

Man: (Speaking japanese) Thank you.

Batman: Stay here.

(He runs off as he jumps away avoid getting his by falling buildings, all Legendary Pokémon's attacks)

Batman: It's the battling continues. I have to do something fast before the world will soon be destroyed by a destructive battle.

(He continues to run off, then we see Lugia fires Aeroblast trying to hit Primal Kyogre, but dodges. Shiny Mega Rayquaza fires Dragon Pulse on Moltres crashes into the street. Now we go to Robin badly injured trying to find Batman and the other heroes)

Robin: Got to... get... to the others fast... before they... die.

Sonic: (He arrives) Robin! Are you okay?

Robin: Sonic... I'm so glad you're in one piece.

Sonic: Yeah, we got to find the others and fast.

(He picks up a badly injured Robin and takes off. Now we go to the autobots fighting Dr. Eggman's robots)

Optimus Prime: Charge!!








Leonardo: That's... that's why Batman was trying to do this, he's... sacrificing himself.

Michelangelo: No! Batman, don't do it!

Batman: I'm sorry, it has to... my friends. Take care of yourselves, stop the villains and saved all Legendary Pokémon and the world too.



(The time bomb reaches to 0:00 and explodes thus killing batman much to our heroes' shock)

Leonardo: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Ash Ketchum: No! Batman!

Tino Tonitini: Man, Bruce! Why?! WHY?!!!!!!

Optimus Prime: Bruce...

Iron Man: So long, old friend.

Nighlock: Bruce Wayne... I will look to you in the stars. The universe will know of your sacrifice.

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