This is how the battle above the skies goes in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

[A airship was attached to the crate as it flies away up]

Korso: [sees our heroes]

Tino: There they are!

Korso: We've got company!

[many of his men start firing their M16s and bazookas]

Tino: WHOA!! [to Cale] I thought you said he had guns! Not miniture airplanes!

Cale: I also said he's never suprised.

[they start fighting the soldiers]

Tino: Okay, we can't let them get away with Aelita.

Thomas: So what's the plan?!

Tino: Brian you and Syvleon are going to be decays, leave Korso to me and Jeremie! We

Brian: On it Tino!

Korso: Looks like somebody is working over time. [points down]

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