Rabbit: (The music: Destruction of the Grotto from The Little Mermaid plays) Halt! Memnon! Don Karnage! Arthur and Cecil! Hyenas! Wherever you are! Come forth, you cowards, and answer your crime!

(Don Karnage, Arthur, Cecil and the hyenas appear)

Don Karnage: Ah! You are here at last. And what are these? Your army?

Baloo: You will pay for the things you stolen, traitor!

Don Karnage: That is correct. (in Syndrome's voice) But I learned that important lesson. You can't count on anyone, especially your friends.

Rabbit: You know, paying is not enough. But we must end Memnon as we ended Imhotep.

Don Karnage: End Memnon? (laughs)

(Arthur and Cecil laugh)

(The Hyenas laugh)

Brave: (in Alex's voice) Go ahead. Laugh.

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