Here's how the battle goes in Return of Darth Sidious.

[the ship then lands outside of Canter lot castle]

[the team then steps out and then they take a look from a hill]

Hiccup: They're they are!

Skyla: So, what's the plan?

Hiccup: Here's what we do.

[the camera then zooms out as Hiccup explains his plan and then we now view the Stormtroopers patrolling]

Command Stormtrooper: You there! Circulate!

Stormtrooper: [stands back up] Yes sir! 

[he then walks in line, giving time for our heroes to sneak in]

[the team then sneak towards a TIE Fighter hang out]

[once they reach it, Snoutlout moves to signal Brian]

Brian: [slowly moves forward (with a rocket in hand)] Show me the signal.

Fish legs: Okay, I'll get that one trooper. [pulls him back]

Trooper: AAA!

[Fish legs then disguises himself as a trooper]

Button Mash: Alright, go and unlock the door.

Fish legs: [slowly makes his way to the door and then he gets in line]

Stormtrooper: Hey, aren't you too young and fat to be a Stormtrooper?

Fish legs: Uh, no. Are you?

Stromtrooper: NO!!! I'M TOO SHORT TO JOIN THE EMPIRE!!!! [runs away]

Fish legs: That was weird. [he continues following the troopers and then he sees the Emperor standing]

[he then makes an announcement]

Darth Sidious: Attention all! I am proud to announce, that we have officially taken over this kingdom of equines! But soon, will come a new order in the galaxy. And we will soon take over a new kind of place, one inhabited with vikings and dragons!

Fish legs: Oh, no.

[Then a Imperial R2 unit comes over to him and then starts scanning him]

R2 unit: [beeping in alert]

Stormtrooper: Hey! [takes off Fish leg's helmet] You're a viking!

Brian: And you're dust! [fires the rocket and destroys a TIE fighter holder]

Stormtrooper: AMBUSH!!

[then Zeñorita take out her Grenade Launcher and starts firing grenades, which destroy several of the walkers and transports]

[then everyone comes out with their lightsabers]

Stormtroopers: [start firing their rifles]

[Everyone starts killing them and the battle begins]

[Mushu then lights dynamite]

Mushu: Fire in the hole! [he throws it and then tries to fire fireworks]

[as this is going on, Yuna and Luna are continuing their duel]

Yuna: Mama, get a hold of yourself!

Princess Luna: [darker voiced] No one can take control of me! [swings her saber]

Yuna: [clashes hers against Luna's]

[Back outside]

[the battle against the Stormtroopers continues]

[Then walkers fired!]

Tuffnut: Oh great, just what we need!


[we now see robots]

Scootaloo: We've got robots!

Pilot: Fire!

[They start shooting surrounding them in a circle]

[our heroes try their best but are soon overwhelmed]

Darth Sidious: Stop!

[everyone stops as Sidious steps forward]

Darth Sidious: You dragon riders taught valiantly. Brave, but foolish. Surrender and I'll spare your lives.


Hiccup: We will never surround to you!

Astrid: Never!

Darth Sidious: Then I'm afraid, you don't have a choice.

[the troopers point their guns at them]

Nix: What now?

Pilot: [hears something] Wait! Something's coming'.

[then suddenly, they hear rumbling]

Apple Bloom: What's that?

Fish legs: Sounds, big.

[Then it gets closer and it shows that dinosaurs came out of the trees!]

Skyla: Dinosaurs!

[we see different species: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Iguanodon are helping the others]

Stormtrooper: We've gotta get out of here!

[some them try to run but then we here a familiar roar]

[then out from the shadows emerges Blue and the other velociraptors!]

Pilot: Fall back, fall back! [gets hit by an Ankylosaurus tail] AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! [killed by the club]

[then all of the dinosaurs start killing stormtroopers]

Sweetie Belle: Where did all of the dinosaurs, including Blue and her pack come from?

Russell Ferguson: From the Isle of Dino, of course!

[the pets then fly down on their dragons and then land]

Scootaloo: How?

Vinnie Terrio: Because, Blue, her pack, and Rex are friends with us. Ever since Blythe made friends with them.

Astrid: Hold on, Rex? Don't tell me you actually....

[then some loud thumping is heard as the ground vibrates]

Penny Ling: We sure did!

[then out from the trees emerges Rex!]


Stormtrooper: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!

[but Rex catches up to some of them and then starts killing Stormtroopers as Blue and her pack do the same.]

Hiccup: Let's go to the Emperor!


[They all run inside]

[we see Yuna and Princess Luna continuing their duel]

Yuna: I will not fight you!

Princess Luna: [darker voiced] Enough! [zaps her]

Yuna: AAAAAHH!!!!!

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