This is how Battle in Egypt goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

[We see the PHOENIX soldiers getting ready to land when an alarm goes off]

[Captain Thunderbolt gives a convincing worried look as the soldiers get ready to jump]

Human Filthy Rich: You're behind this, aren't you?

Captain Thunderbolt: I don't know what you're talking about.

[Another alarm sounds]

Captain Thunderbolt: [leads him to the opening launch as he gives him instructions on what to do]

[Human Filthy Rich pulls his cord too early]

Captain Thunderbolt: No, not right now, we're on the plane, you idiot!

[Human Filthy Rich flies out, yelling]

Moon Assault: Did he say goodbye?

Captain Thunderbolt: No, he didn't say goodbye.

Scarlet Witch: [smirks] Get rid of the moron, objective completed.

[Everyone laughed at her joke while some just stared in confusion]


Starscream: Master, sorry to be the barer of bad news, but the soldiers have brought the body of the I-Rex.

Megatron: The alicorn must have the Matrix. We cannot let her reach Indominus.

[Starscream flies off with Omegabot]

Megatron: Decepticons, begin our assault!

[Multiple comets land as soldiers watch]

[Overload, Mixmaster, Scavenger, Hightower, and Scrapper drive up]

Discord: This doesn't look good.

[A yellow Rampage and a yellow dump truck Constructicon drive up as well]

Discord: They're getting ready for attack.

Sunset Shimmer: We can't take them.

[Long Haul arrives as well]

Discord: I'm not liking the looks of this.

Sunset Shimmer: Is that good?

[Suddenly they all start transforming at the same time]

Discord: We better be ready to run.

[Malfunction transforms with shock in his eyes]

Major Malfunction: Might as well run now, they're combining into Devastator!

[The Constructicons transform into the combiner, Devastator]

[Discord and Sunset run as Malfunction covers fire]

Megatron: Devastator!

[Devastator begins sucking everything into his mouth and expulsing it into the atmosphere]

[Skids and Mudflap are standing in awe]

Mudflap: Whoa, look at this.

Major Malfunction: Will someone shut them up?

[A piece of debris hits Skids' head]

Major Malfunction: Thank you.

Skids: Mean robots suck.

[They run to grab hold of something]

[People and animals are sucked in]

[Skids and Mudflap try to hold on to some stairs]

Mudflap: Hold me tight!

[Mudflap is sucked up]

Mudflap: Kung fu grip boy, kung fu grip. You ain't getting me.

[He is then sucked into the grinder]

[Devastator coughs a little]

Skids: He's dead. He's gone. He got all eaten up. [cries]

Sunset Shimmer: He'll see us coming.

Discord: Well the only safe place is right under him.

Major Malfunction: And here, I thought you were crazy and untactful.

Discord: I'm ignoring that one.

Major Malfunction: Go!

[Devastator's head bursts open as Mudflap comes out]

Mudflap: You ain't never eating me! I'm gonna... bust... your... face up! [hits him with an engine from Devastator's head]

[Malfunction fires his machine gun as Mudflap continues beating the giant Decepticon]

Mudflap: I'll rip you up!

[Skids climbs up]

Skids: Keep fighting, Mudflap.

[Devastator tries to get them off]

Mudflap: Yee-haw! Nobody messes with the twins!

[They move out of Devastator's fists]

Mudflap: I got you.

[Mudflap accidentally shoots Skids in the face]

Skids: Ow, man, you shot me in the face!

Major Malfunction: [to himself] I have no idea why Optimus didn't fire those two when he had the chance, cause those two are idiots.

[Devastator starts making his way to the pyramid]

Major Malfunction and Discord: Stay under him.

[Twilight and Rarity run through the city]

[Starscream flies overhead]

Starscream: Rampage, spring the trap.

[Rampage tosses Starlight and Trixie out of him as Ravage circles them]

[Twilight and Rarity come over but stop when they see Ravage]

Trixie Lulamoon: [sees Twilight] Twilight!

Starlight Glimmer: What?

Trixie Lulamoon: Twilight!

[They run over to them as Rampage starts transforming]

[Rarity and Twilight embrace their friends]

[Suddenly, they hear a noise as Rampage bounces in on them]

[Rarity, Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie fall down as Rampage points his guns at them]

Twilight Sparkle: [to Starlight and Trixie] Just stop. They don't want you, they want me.

Rampage: Princess Twlight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle: Don't hurt them. Please, don't hurt them. [takes out the bag with the Matrix dust] You want this? Is this what you want? Okay, I'll give it to you, just don't hurt them.

[The camera appears outwards as we see Optimus and Bumblebee climbing, signifying she is distracting Rampage]

Rampage: [slams his whips on the ground]

Twilight Sparkle: Optimus!

[Rampage turns in time to see Optimus punch him in the face]

Rarity: Bumblebee!

[Bumblebee jumps down and battles the Constructicon]

[Optimus gets the ponies out of the way and helps Bumblebee battle Rampage]

[Ravage activates his gun and attack Bumblebee while Optimus holds off Rampage]

[Bumblebee grabs Ravage and rips him in half]

[Optimus and Bumblebee take the halves and hit Rampage with them]

[Bumblebee grabs Rampage by the arms and kicks him in the back, ripping his arms off and killing him]

[Twilight then talks to Trixie and Starlight]

Twilight Sparkle: [to Bumblebee] You've gotta get them out of here.

[Bumblebee nods]

Twilight Sparkle: [to Trixie and Starlight] You've got to get in the car and get to safety.

[Starlight is reluctant]

[Devastator starts climbing up the pyramid]

Discord: I blame Zoidberg for all of this.

[As he starts climbing, we briefly see Zoidberg crying about this]

Discord: If they turn that machine on, no more sun. But that's not gonna happen.

[He begins climbing the pyramid]

[Devastator begins sucking up pieces of the pyramid]

Mixmaster: Listen up, PHOENIX.

[He fires at them]

[Jetfire luckily flies in]

Jetfire: Incoming! [transforms to robot mode] Stick the landing!

[He then gets out his battle axe and goes to battle the Constructicon]

Jetfire: Behold, glory of Jetfire!

[Mixmaster tries to fire at him, but misses]

Jetfire: Here's how we brought the pain back in my day!

[He kills Mixmaster]

[Scorponok, revealed to still be alive, jumps out of the ground and attacks him]

[Jetfire is able to get him off and kill him]

Jetfire: I'm too old for this stuff.