(2,997 years later in 1923)

(Legionnaires shout)

Narrator: For 3,000 years, men and armies fought over this land, never knowing what evil lay beneath it.

(Shouting continues)

(men on horses run)

(Armies prepares for the battle)

Narrator: And for the 3,000 years, we, the Magi, the descendants of Pharaoh's sacred bodyguards, kept watch.

(More armies prepare)

(One man on his horse retreat)

(Benie and Rick O'Connel watch him and look at each other)

Benie: You just got promoted.

Rick: Prenez vos positions!

(Men on horses shout and ululate)

Rick: Steady! You're with me on this one, right?

Benie: Oh. Your strength gives me strength.

(Men on horse run toward the armies)

Rick: Steady!

(Benie retreats cowardly)

Benie: Wait! Wait for me!

Rick: Steady! Fire!

(The armies shoot the men and horses)

(The armies killed by the men)

(Rick fight them and shoots them)

(Rick then runs)

Rick: Run, Benie! Run! Get inside! Get inside!

(Benie runs into the temple and about to close the door)

Rick: Hey! Don't close that door! Don't you close that door!

(The door closes)

(Rick runs and jumps while dropping his guns)

(Rick runs again and then stops at the statue)

(The men prepares, but one of the horses faints and they run for their lives)


(Voice whispers)

(Shriek echoes)

(Sands pop out)

(Rick runs)

(Face appear on the sand, roaring)

(Men retreat from Hamunaptra, shouting)

Ardeth Bay: (speaking Arabic) The creature remains undiscovered.

Magi: (speaking Arabic) And what of this one?

(Meanwhile in below)

(Rick stops and turns look at the Magis watching over him)

(Rick then continues running)

Magi: Should we kill him?

Ardeth Bay: No. The desert will kill him.

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