This is how the battle in the castle goes in Night Furies vs. The Nightmare Family Part 2

[We see the team walking through the woods]

Applejack: Ah' can't beleive we're goin' through these woods again.

Rainbow: [moaning ghostly] The monsters of the Everfree are gonna get us!

Applejack: Rainbow, quit it!

Astrid: Just asking, what lerks in these woods anyway?

Spike: A lot of evil creatures.

Rarity: But there are some that are nice too.

Hiccup: Creatures? What kind of creatures?

Fluttershy: Timberwolves, Manticores, Cocktrices, Ursa Minors and Majors, and others.

Astrid: Oh, my!

Everyone: Timberwolves, Manticores, Cocktrices, Ursa Minors and Majors, and others.

Tuffnut: Oh, my!

Everyone: Timberwolves, Manticores, Cocktrices, Ursa Minors and Majors, and others.

Fishlegs: Oh, my!

Everyone: Timberwolves, Manticores, Cocktrices, Ursa Minors and Majors, and others.

Hiccup: Oh, my!

[Each time they repeat the lines, it goes faster and faster]

Everyone: Timberwolves, Manticores, Cocktrices, Ursa Minors and Majors, and.....


Peeny Ling: What was that?!

Sunil Nevla: It could be a Timberwolf! Or Maybe an Ursa Major! Or even a Manticore!

Russel Ferguson: Or it could be him. [Points to a purple sea serpant]

Steven Magnet: Oh! What a world! What a world!

Snoutlout: A purple sea serpant?

Rarity: Steven Magnet! [goes up to him] what ever is the matter?

Steven Magnet: it is just terrible! I was just sitting here, minding my own business, when a black stallion took a light stick and cut off part of my mustache!

Rarity: I cannot let this crime against fashion go untouched!!

[She then finds the severed mustache and fixes it]

Steven Magnet: Ooh!! My mustache is fixed thank you so much! [he then stretches across the river] You may come across now.

Rarity: Thanks.

[They go across and continue on]

Hiccup: That was quite interesting. You don't see anything like that in Berk.

Astrid: Yeah, you can say that again.

Pepper Clark: [snickering] I can't believe Nightmare Moon would think that would slow us down! Hah! She'll have to try better than that to stop us!

Eddy: Look! The castle! We're almost there!

[Then as they approach the bridge, a familar voice is heard]

Cerberus; Going somewhere?

Princess Luna: Cerberus.

Cerberus: You think you can just escape us that easy? Well, you thought wrong! If you wanna get to the castle, you'll have to face me first!

Snoutlout: Oh yes, now for some real action!

Tuffnut: Yeah!

Astrid: Get to the castle! We'll handle Cerberus!

Yuna: Come on!

[They run across the bridge]

[But then something jumps onto Yuna!]

Yuna: AAAHHH!!!

[I side Canterlot castle, Toothless and Nightstar hear Yuna's cries]

Toothless and Nightstar: [growl in shock]

Yuna: [panting]

Black Hole: You really think you'd get away from me that easy?

Yuna: Black Hole!

Black Hole: The one and only!

Yuna: [shoves her off and then goes to run but Black Hole grabs her tail] AAAH!!!

[We now see Toothless and Nightstar racing through the Everfree Forest]

Toothless and Nightstar: [growling and panting as they race on]

Yuna: LET ME GO!!!

Black Hole: Not a chance. [draws her dagger] Your heart is mine!

'Yuna:' NOOO!!!

[Then a shill skeech is heard]

[Nightstar and Toothless come racing in and then Nightstar leaps forward]

Nightstar:' RAAAHHH!!! '[pounces Black Hole]


Nightmare Hiro: A Night Fury?!

[Black Hole tries to get loose but Nightstar is too strong and soon Nightstar exterminates her]

Yuna: Thanks girl.

Nightstar: [growls and then charge Nightmare Hiro]

Nightmare Hiro: No wait! Not me! Not Me! [tries to escape but Nightstar grabs him]

Yuna: Let's go!

[They take off again but Snowdrop is then lifted off the ground]

Snowdrop: What the?!

Nightmare Trix: Not so fast!


Snowdrop: Go! Go! Save yourself!

Nightmare Trix: Well, looks like I've got a blind princess.

[Then Eaglesight narrows on Trix and then jumps on her]

Eaglesight: Rah!

Nightmare Trix; AAH!! GET IT OFF!!

Eaglesight: [growling and then he kills her] [he then goes up to Snowdrop and nuzzles her]

Snowdrop; Good job, Eaglesight.

Eaglesight: [growls]

Yuna: Now let's get inside!

[They head inside]

[Meanwhile, the Vikings have defeated Cerberus]

Cerberus: NOOOOOO!!!!! [as he falls into the dry moat]

Astrid: So long!

Snoutlout: Hah! Teach you to mess with me, you overgrown iron dragon! I'm a Viking!

Astrid: [hits him]

Hiccup: Come on! Into the the castle!

[They run to the castle]

[With the others]

Yuna: Which part of the castle are we in?

Princess Luna: The same place where I battled Nightmare Moon before.

Nightmare Moon: And will again.

[they look back and see Nightmare Moon and Sombra]

Nightmare Moon: Hello, Luny.

King Sombra: Well isn't this inronic? We end uo in the same place we battled years ago. But only difference is your daugther has to joined us.

Nightmare Moon: Join us, Yuna. And we'll rule Equestria.

Yuna: I'll never join you!

Nightmare Moon: Besides, Luna has another daughter and will soon have another.

Yuna: I will never join you. For I am Princess Luna's first daugther.

Nightmare Moon: No. Snowdrop, was her first daughter.

Yuna: What?

Princess Luna: It is true. Snowdrop was adopted while I was still pregnant with you.

Yuna: You'd never told me?

Princess Luna: I'm sorry. I was going to, but when the dragons kept attacking us, it slipped.

Yuna: That's okay. But I'm still your daugther.

Princess Luna: Yes, you are.

Nightmare Moon: What does that matter now?

King Sombra: Yeah! For now we shall end you both! [force pushes them against the wall and then lets them go]

[After they land, Princess Luna and Yuna activate their lightsabers]

Nightmare Moon: Another duel, aye? We accept. [draws her 2 curved-hilted lightsaber and activates them]

King Sombra: [draws his darksaber]