This is how the battle in the volcano goes in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[then a huge airship is deployed]

Horick: [sees our heroes]

Optimus: I'm coming for you!

Thomas: We've got them now!

Horick: We got company!

[many of his men start firing their M16s, AK-47s and bazookas]

Brian: Fire!

[they fire]

[then they start sending little airplanes around!]

Horick: Take off!

[the airship starts to fly]

Twilight: WHOA!! I thought he had guns! Not miniature airplanes!

[then one soldier starts firing at one of the Dragonars]

Sunil Nevla: Wha! [he then accidentally presses the pad which the mouth on it opens and then it fires a laser and destroys one of the trucks] Oops.

Zeb: Wait a minute, these things can shoot lasers?! Now we're talkin'!

Pepper Clark: Okay, now things are getting good.

Ash: Pikachu! Use thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pika... CHU!!!!! [uses thunderbolt to destroy some of the trucks]

Cadance: We can't let them get to the top of the shaft!

Princess Celestia: We can't let them get away with grandfather!

[With the villains]

Diesel: Come on! Hurry!

Arry: We can't let them get the diamond!

[With another group]

Ahuizot: [is flying a plane]

Indaian Jones: That's Ahuizotl!

Daring Do: Come on!

[they turn their planes toward Ahuizotl's plane]

Dr. Caballeron: [cocks the back maxium and draws fire]

Indiana Jones: Watch out!

Daring Do: [doges it]

[Daring flies her jet side to side as Dr. Cab tries to hit her]

Indiana Jones: [shoots his revolver]

Dr. Caballeron: [is shot in the head] GA! [he is now dead]

Ahuizotl: AH! Curse you, Dr. Jones!

Daring Do: [shoots out the engines on Ahuizotl's plane]

[Ahuizotl's plane then starts to sputter and then it starts plummeting to the ground]

Ahuizotl: AAAAHHH!!!! [crashes]

Rattlesnake Jake: Ah' got ya now!

[the snake attacks Ahuizotl and his cats and kill them all and later shoots AHuizotl]

Ezra Bridger: Look! The Diesels!

Kanan Jarrus: You handle the diesels, we'll take care of the mini-planes!

Ezra Bridger: Right!

[as Ezra flies his Dragonar towards the diesels, and starts firing the lasers at the diesels]

Bert: Incoming!

Diesel: Forget this! Let's get out of here!

[the diesels start fleeing as Ezra keeps on them]

Ezra Bridger: [groans] Stupid oily boxes on wheels!

[then more lasers appears from the sidelines]

Sabine Wren: Need a hand?

Ezra Bridger: Okay, Sabine Zeb, fly in front of the diesels and cut them off, then when we have them cornered, we all fire together!

Zeb: Got it, kid!

[as Ezra continues chasing the diesels, Sabine and Zeb circle around and then blast out the tracks ahead, leading the 3 to derail]

Diesel: HELP!!!

[then all 3 Dragonars fly in]

Bert: Oh...

Arry: No.

Ezra Bridger: Fire!

[all three fire at once as the lasers hit all 3 of the diesels and they explode!]

Zeb: [as Simmons] Yeah! Yeah!

Sabine Wren: [patting her Dragonar] I like these things!