This is how the battle in the volcano goes in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[then a huge airship is deployed]

Ernie: [sees our heroes]

Optimus: I'm coming for you!

Thomas: We've got them now!

Ernie: We got company!

[many of his men start firing their M16s and bazookas]

Brian: Fire!

[they fire]

[then they start sending little airplanes around!]

Ernie: Take off!

[the airship starts to fly]

Twilight: WHOA!! [to Brian] I thought you said he had guns! Not miniture airplanes!

Brian: I also said he's never suprised.

[then one soldier starts firing at one of the dragons ship]

Sunil Nevla: Wha! [he then press the pad which fires a laser and destroys one of the trucks] Oops.

Pepper Clark: Okay, now things are getting good.

Ash: Pikachu! Use thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pika... CHU!!!!! [uses thunderbolt to destroy some of the trucks]

Cadance: We can't let them get to the top of the shaft!

Princess Celestia: We can't let them get away with father!

[With the villains]

Diesel: Come on! Hurry!

Arry: We can't let them get the diamond!

[The US Cavalry engines arrive]

Captain Blu Star: [draws his sword] Come on, men! We must get the diamond back!

Bert: Hey!

Arry: Easy there!

Captain Blu Star: FIRE AT WILL!!!

[they all fire and they line of fire blow up the 3 diesels]

[With another group]

Ahuizot: [is flying a plane]

Indaian Jones: That's Ahuizotl!

Daring Do: Come on!

[they turn their planes toward Ahuizotl's plane]

Dr. Caballeron: [cocks the back maxium and draws fire]

Indiana Jones: Watch out!

Daring Do: [doges it]

[Daring flies her jet side to side as Dr. Cab tries to hit her]

Indiana Jones: [shoots his revoler]

Dr. Caballeron: [is shot in the head] GA! [he is now dead]

Ahuizotl: AH! Curse you, Dr. Jones!

Daring Do: [shoots out the engines on Ahuizotl's plane]

[Ahuizotl's plane then starts to sputter and then it starts plummeting to the ground]

Ahuizotl: AAAAHHH!!!! [crashes]

Rattlesnake Jake: Ah' got ya now!

[the snake attacks Ahuizotl and his cats and kill them all] [and later shoots AHuizotl]

Grimlock: [stomps his way in]

Optimus: Faster! Go!

S.C. Ruffey: I gotta get out of here!

Grimlock: [starts to tear apart S.C. Ruffey]

Bulgy: Hey, let's take it easy. Okay?

Brian I don't think so, Bulgy. But It's time to settle scores. [he activates his lightsaber and kills Bulgy (off screen)]

Class 40: Oh, man! I gotta get out of here!

D199: Right behind you!

Tune: Hey! Those 2 are trying to escape!

Shiver: Not for long. [heads for the back of their ship]

D199: Over the bridge!

Shiver: Not so fast! [fires his liquid nitrogen cannon]

[the 2 diesel freeze in their tracks]

Zip: Firing torpedo 1!

[They did so]

[the torpedo destroys the 2]

Dazzlen: [as Simmons] Yeah! Yeah!

[Back with the others]

Princess Celestia: Alright, now to get our father back!

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