Battle of the Superhumans Part 1 is a new episode in Tino's Adventures Chronicles.


The show kicks off with Nighlock pursuing and defeating Chitauri scouts. Dark Eagle flies in and the two fight, damaging the streets badly. The Titan flees, leaving Nighlock behind. Nighlock then realizes that each of his team's greatest foes have been really active, and may have united.

Meanwhile, the Weekenders are watching a cartoon before Benson says that everyone'll be going to the Museum of Natural History later that week. However, just as they go to join Benson in playing Baseball, a news report grabs everyone's attention. It talks about the damaged street. Confused, the heroes take it as nothing.

Meanwhile, on another side of the Park, Thomas, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost are raking when Garble, his gang, and some of the other villains arrive. Lockdown then appears and fires upon the heroes, clearly not caring if his allies get caught in the crossfire. Then a huge Earthquake happens, courtesy of the mutant, Terrashock. Songbird appears and starts beating Nikolai. A black colored police car roars up and transforms, revealed to be Lockdown's brother, Major Malfunction. Electricity comes out of every electric device and strikes Terrashock, while Taser flies in at Mach 30, her eyes glowing blue. Justice rams Songbird, then blasts her. The ensuing fight damages the side of the Park, badly. Before they can thank them, Thomas, Muscle Man, and HFG notice that the three superhumans have disappeared.

The three of them tell the others about their experience. Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Velma, and Dalphnee tell the, that superhuman don't exist and mere myths. Sunset admits she once met some Superhumans, but the others don't believe her.

The next morning, a mysterious girl is talking on the phone. Blue appears to have some agressive feelings towards her. At first, Tino believes the girls may be infected with Indominus DNA, but the girl denies it. Toph says she is telling the truth. They leave her, not noticing her eyes flash red.

Dark Eagle calls forth all of the Code Red's greatest enemies, and suggests they unite. Nighlock call his own team, Code Red, and they send a message to the Villains, saying they know where to find them.