Damemon: So.... have you seen Samus?

U-mos: Not quite. But I do know a Shadow is here.

Jibanyan: Where would they be, Nyan?

U-mos: Around the Ship. And you must find the Shadow around the Ship. Follow me.

They followed him and they stop

U-mos: Their hiding somewhere. So you better light up the place.

Damemon and his friends push the button and then a Light has turned on

U-mos: A little Darker. Make it brighter.

They push another button and then another light has turned on

U-mos: All the Light has turned on. The shadow will be appeared soon. They arise this floor somewhere else. So we better go to the floor that we first met.

They went to the Second Floor

Damemon: Looks like we're here.

U-mos: The Shadow should be appeared soon. And you prepared for the worst. It not, Too late.

Then a Trickmaster has appeared and they are going fight it after that they defeat it and a big heart has been Released

U-mos: You did it. I have something to show you. Look at this.

They saw the Crest of Knowledge and then it something is Glowing in Damemon Partner's Xros Loader and then it got beam and now the Crest is inside of Damemon's Xros Loader

Whisper: What was that, Whis?

Damemon: That... Symbol went into my Partner Xros Loader.

Komajiro: Look at that.

They saw a Chip

USApyon: That's a Chip for the Yo-Kai Plane. We better keep this, Dani.

U-mos: You did a great job. And if you're looking for Samus, she's not here anymore. She's gone! Into the Darkness.

Damemon: No...

He look down

Komasan: Don't be Sad, Sure. We might find her in Another World. Come on, let's go back to the Plane.

Damemon: Okay.

They left this World

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