This is how battling Ernie goes in Ernie the Dragon Hunter.

[we now see Ernie sitting in the throne]

This day is going to be perfect
The kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small
Every dragon will gather 'round
They will bow to my will
And I will take the throne
I could care less about those foals
I won't have a heart
Vows, well I'll be lying when I say
That through any kind of weather
I want foals to be mine
The truth is I don't care about them at all
No I do not love the groom
In my heart there is no room
But I still want the world to be all mine!
Finally the moment has arrived
For me to be one Dragon King
[outside of Berk, everyone is in chains
Mine! All mine! [laughs]

Brian: He's sitting in the throne.

Vinny: He's hideous, sittin in the throne.

Brian: His rein of terror must be stopped

Yuna: So, what'll we do Brian?

Brian: Somehow, we need to free Nightstar.

Hiccup: So, do you have a plan on how to do that?

Brian: We need to fight. You guys take his army, I'll get Ernie.

[In the throneroom]

Ernie: How does it feel, knowing soon every pegasus, earth pony, and unicorn will bow to my will, and that there is nothing those kids can stop it?!

Stoick: You will never have control of anyone!

Ernie: Silence, viking. Take him away and let him rot!

[Ernie's men do so.]

Stoick: You won't get away with this! YOU HEAR ME?! You will get yours'!

Ernie: Stop! We behead him.

[It fades as Vikings plead]

Sideshow Bob: Get back!

Ernie: [takes out his lightsaber] Prepare to meet your doom.

[But as Ernie brings up with lightsaber, Something is pushed down]

Ernie: What the hell just happend?

Sideshow Bob: [sees a little hair from Yuna's mane] [snarls]

[and then they start to hear a whistle]

Sideshow Bob: Steady, steady.

[and then Ernie looks up and then sees something]

Ernie: Mother....

[Arrows start killing soldiers]

Ernie: Get the men!

[and then, Hiccup and Toothless appear and head towards Stoick]

Sideshow Bob: Attack! Attack!

Hiccup: Hang on dad!

[Toothless then grabs Stoick]

Stoick: Hiccup?

Hiccup: Come on.

[Toothless then flies towards the others]

Brian: [runs to Ernie]

Ernie: BRIAN!!!!! [takes out his lightsaber and .45 colt]

Brian: [draws his own gun and Lightsbaer]

[They both clash as Yuna goes to Nightstar]


Nightstar: [roars]

Yuna: Nightstar! It's me, you didn't kill Lunarlight.

Ernie: Ha-ha, she’s not yours anymore. She belongs to Poultrion. But please, O, great Dragon Master, try to take her. She will not miss a second time. [clashes lightsaber]

Yuna: It wasn't your fault, girl. They made you do it. You’d never hurt him, you’d never hurt me!

[Yuna puts her hoof on Nightstar's snout. Nightstar tries to shake off Poultrion's control.]

Ernie: [clashes lightsaber] How are you doing that?

Yuna: Please, you are my best friend, girl.

Nightstar: [snaps out]

Brian: Because she's a dragon rider.

Yuna: Attagirl! That's it, I'm here!

Ernie: [force pushes Brian]

Brian: Ugh!

Ernie: Your time is....

[Then Human Rainbow kicks him]

Human Rainbow: Take that, you traitor!

Ernie: Your little, insnifigent.... [kicked by Human Rarity]

Human Rarity: Take that, you rufian!

Ernie: [growls and charges at them]

[but then Nightstar blasts him]

Ernie: AAAH!!!

Yuna: Good shot! Let's get this Sith Lord!

Nightstar: [roars]

Ernie: POULTRION!!!!!!

Poultron: [fires ice at them!]

Yuna: [gasps]

[Nightstar jumps in front of Yuna and they're caught in the blast in the ice!]

Brian: YUNA!!!

Princess Luna: No! Yuna! [tries to break but collapses and weeps]

Ernie: She's gone, I am the new king... I [hears cracking] Huh?

[the ice but then it starts glowing]

[The ice breaks and Yuna and Nightstar are both alive. Nightstar is glowing electric blue.]

[Nightstar roars a challenge at Poultrion.]

Yuna: Get him!

[Nightstar fires at Poultrion, whose tusks smash the icicle Nightstar was perching on, but Nightstar jumps back and fires again.]

Ernie'': 'No, no, no, no! NO!

[Then, Nightstar fires one more shot, and Poultrion loses one of his tusks.]

Poultrion: [looks in shock and then he retreats into the sea.]

Ernie: [tries to shoot Yuna but his gun is empty]

Brian: You're defeated.

Ernie: No!

Vinny; Get his arms!

Ernie: Get off me! Unhand myself! How dare you!

Hiccup: Put him in chains!

Ernie: I can see you all pay for this!

King Solar Flare: Not anymore, you are banished to Tartarus. FOR THE DEATH OF THE QUEEN AND THE EMPEROR!!! [opens a portal]

Ernie: [as he's sent there] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[the Portal closes]

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