Here's how battling Sentinel Prime and how the evil girls' deaths go in Wrath of the Century.

[the control is now on top of some rubble]


Sentinel: Optimus! You forget your place!

[he jump over the side and uses his sword to slow down his fall as he lands on the ground]

Sentinel: I bring you Cybertron, your home! And still you choose humanity.

Optimus: [deploys his energy sword and ax] You were the one who taught me freedom is everyone's right! [deploys his face shield and charge at Sentinel] YAAAAHH!!!

Sentinel: I will retrigger that pillar!

Optimus: Then, you'll have to go through me!

[the 2 start to battle each other]

[Later, we see Brian searching for the Dazzlings]

Brian: [is walking into an old church and finds them]

Dazzlings: [vocalizing]

Brian: Dazzlings.

Adagio Dazzle: We've been waiting.

Brian: What's your rush? After all, you brought back the Sepratist.

Aria Blaze: Are you pleading with your life?

Brian: Partly. Begging doesn't work you know. Even when it comes to your powerful, crazy, mind-controlling singing.

Sonata Dusk: Perhaps, but now you have to die.

[A Cemetery Wind soldier gun points Brian]

Brian: [points his gun]

Cemetery Wind soldier: Now, drop the gun slowly.

Brian: [doesn't]

Cemetery Wind soldier: What's wrong? Are you deaf?

Brian: [shoots his stomach]

Cemetery Wind solider: OH! [falls to the floor dead]

Battle droid: Blast him!

[the Cemetery Wind and battle droids all fire their guns as Brain does the same thing.]

Brian: [shoots another soldier, takes cove in a pillar, and load a Clone trooper blaster and shoots a soldier on a balcony]

Cemetery Wind solider: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

[Brian shoots a few droids, but as it shoots one it shoots his right shoulder]

Brian: Ah! [strains] [pulls the pin of a grenade and throws it]


[Brian gets back up and shoots another soldier]

Brian: [panting]

[but then he's been hit]

Brian: UH!! [turns around and points both of his guns at them] Enough games.

Adagio Dazzle: Oh, Brian. You don't understand, don't you?

Brian: "Understand"? 

Adagio Dazzle: You know how sent that person to kill you?

Brian: What are you talking about?

Adagio Dazzle: Chill Butch was trying to kill you, because I hired him to.

Brian: [Gasps in shock, drops his guns in slow motion]

Adagio Dazzle: What's wrong?

Brian: I'm gonna show you the meaning of my name! [raises his left fist] This is Brian! [raises his right fist] And his wife, Griffin! So get ready to face the wrath of the Griffin's!

[but then up above the Predator returns as he looks down at them as Sonata sees him]

Sonata Dusk: [gasp] It's him! [starts shooting in the Predator's direction] The invisible assassin! He's here!

[the Predator then goes invisible again and races off]

Sonata Dusk: Hey get back here! [goes off after him]

Aria Blaze: Sonata! Sonata! Come back, you idiot!

Human Trixie: Hold there, I'll go after Sonata.

Sunset Shimmer: It's not your style.

Human Trixie: I guess I picked up some bad habits from you, master. Just o what you can here.

Sunset Shimmer: Trix! [throws her a second MP-40] Avenge our comrades.

Human Trixie: I'll do it, lickety split! [races off]

[Brian is now fist fighting Adagio]

Brian: You're gonna regret trying to kill me!

Adagio Dazzle: Then let's battle.

Brian: I'm gonna enjoy this.

Sonata Dusk: Oh boy, I'm gonna have some fun today! [stops as she takes off her Sith Belt and then her jacket] I'm gonna have some real fun now! [takes off running again]

[meanwhile, Optimus continues to battle Sentinel]

Sentinel: Decepticon ships! Fire at Optimus!

[several of the ships turn and head towards them]

Sentinel: Decpeticons! Trigger the pillar! Restart that pillar!

Dylan Gould: Trigger the pillars.

Optimus: [trying to shoot down some of the ships] I can't hold them! The ships have us pinned! NOOO!!!

Thomas: Optimus! 

Percy: We gotta help him! [starts shooting down ships] 

[soon Thomas and Percy shoot down all ships heading for Optimus]

[they continue fighting as Human Trixie is in another part of the building seach for Sonata]

Human Trixie: Where are you Sonata?

[then a hand goes over her mouth as Sonata pulls her behind a pillar]

Sonata Dusk: SHHHHHH..... [points up] Look, up there. He's there.

[Human Trixie looks as we see the Predator's siloete above]

Sonata Dusk: Can you see him?

Human Trixie: Yeah, I do see him.

Sonata Dusk: We can get him now.

Human Trixie: Yes we can. Let's go in 2 differnt direcions and try to cut him off.

Sonata Dusk: Right!

[they soon then slowly sneak pillar to pillar, But as Sonata goes behind one, 3 laser points appear on her hand]

Sonata Dusk: Huh? What the? [she then looks past the pillar to see where they're coming from as the Laser points move to her head] (as her pupils shrink to pinpricks) Oh no...

[then there's a plasma blast as Sonata then gets blasted in the head! As her body then falls back as we see she is now dead, the Predator then reveals to only be 3 feet from where Sonata is]

Human Trixie: [she then looks where Sonata was] Sonata? Sonata? Where are y... [she then sees Sonata's body laying where she was blasted] Oh no.

[then she hears the Predator snarling as she slowly looks back and sees the Predator standing on a walkway above her, as she raise one of the MP-40s as the Predator turns on his Laser point again]

Human Trixie: [slowly pulls the trigger and start shooting at the Predator. But then the Predator fires and shoots off her right arm!] AAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

[her blasted arm then lands on the ground with the gun still firing]

Human Trixie: [clenches her arm where it was blasted, but then she sees the Predator racing for her] No! [she then unclips her Lightsaber]

Predator: [deploys his gaulet blades]

[and before Human Trixie can ignite her Lightsaber the Predator then stabs her with his claws]

Human Trixie: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! [the other girls then hear Human Trixie's scream of pain and agony]

Trixie (Equine) DID YOU HEAR THAT?!

Aria Blaze: It got her! It got her! And now we're next!

Sunset Shimmer: He killed my apprentice! [she then goes up on the stairs] I'm gonna make him pay! [throws down her guns] I swear I'll make him pay! [she then throws off her jacket] You 2 go and help Adagio, this killer is mine!

[the 2 then race away, as Sunset unclips her Lightsaber and ignites the first blade]

Sunset Shimmer: Alright, you invisible killer thing! Come and get me!

[the Predator's snarl is heard as he then appears before Sunset and turns off his camofaluge]

Sunset Shimmer: [snarls] So you're the one killing my camrades ah? Well, the others may of been easy for you, but I can assure you, that unlike them, I am a true Sith Master. And you won't live to tell the tale of how you battled me!

Predator: [Ignites Human Trixie's Lightsaber (which he took from her after killing her)] We'll see. [he then spins the Lightsaber and stands in a Form III Sorensu Fighting Stance]

Sunset Shimmer: [flips over her Lightsaber and ignites the second blade as she then spins it and stands in her own fighting stance, and then grabs the hilt of her saber with both of her hands]

Predator: [switchs fighting stance to one of Form IV: Ataru opening stance]

Sunset Shimmer: [reconizes the stance and she resets her footing]

[as the 2 stare deeply at each other with the hum of the Lightsabers as the only sound heard]

Sunset Shimmer: RAH!!! [she then lepas forward, spinning her Lightsaber she then delivers several strikes to te Predator]

Predator: [blocks each of her shots]

[then Sunset tries to hit the Predator in the head with her Lightsaber's hilt but the Predator delivers a swift swing, bisecting the Lightsaber and deliver a fatal blow to Sunset's chest]

Predator: [snarls]

Sunset Shimmer: [her face slowly switches from anger to surprise as she looks down, as we see the scorched mark on her chest in between her breasts, then Sunset's face turns to one of shock as she then slowly brings her arms down revealing the split saber hilt as the blades extinguise]

Predator: [extinguishes Lightsaber in his grab]

[As Sunset the falls to her knees and into the arms of the Predator as the scorch mark is still smoking

Sunset Shimmer: [gasps] Tell me one thing,

Predator: Yes.

Sunset Shimmer: [one her last few breaths]

[the Predator shakes his head as he then shuts Sunset's eyes, sill keeping her in his arms for a minute or two, as we return to Brian stilling fighting Adagio] Adagio: You're dead Brian!

Brian:In the afterlife, you'll meet Adam West!


[back with Optimus and Sentinel. They continue battling]

Sentinel: [rips off Optimus' arm]

Optimus: Ah!

Sentinel: [knocks Optimus down] we were Gods once, all of us! But here...

Optimus: Please!

Sentinel: Will only be one! [he raises his sword to kill Optimus but then he's hit in the back]

Thomas: [shoots him] Leave Optimus alone!

[Thomas starts beating up Sentinel]