This is how battling Shokwave and Ryan and the heroes foght Sentinal and Ryanitas goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

[We see the Autobots, NEST soldiers, and the gang firing on the Decepticons]

[Kuryan and Stink Bomb run from the Daleks and stops at a corner. Stink Bomb cowers and Kuryan gets an idea and points Stink Bomb's tail at the Daleks]

Ryan Tokisaki: Nobody move! This thing is loaded. I'll let you have it!

[The Daleks scream and flees]

Ryan Tokisaki: [laughs] Ah... Talk about your winds of war.

[At the top of the building, Sentenel and the Trixicons watch]

Ryvine Sparkle: I hope you do well, friend. [to the crowd] This is the victory Megatron promise all the years ago. Where we build Cybertron together.


[Ryan and his friends fly in the sky]

Rarity: Twilight!

Sam Witwiky: Optimus!

Odette: Ryan! Crash!

Emmet: Ryantinal!

Percy: Thomas!

[We see Optimus, His friends and Twilight fly in]

[Optimus and Twilight and thier friends kill many cons to get to Shockwave]

[Shockwave tries to fire at them]

[Optimus uses his Knuckle-spikes to punch out his side and Ryan punches Shockwave as he goes for his cannon]

Optimus Prime: You die.

Twilight Sparkle: This is the last time you hurt someone.

[They rip out Shockwave's optic and Ryan uses his cannon to destroy the building]

Sentinel Prime and Ryanitas: No!

[The Pillar falls to the ground]

Ryan F-Freeman: Get down from there, Sentinel!

Optimus Prime: You too, Ryanitas!

Sentinel Prime: Ryan. You, Optimus, and my brother forget your place.

[Ryanitas and Sentinel come down from a building]

Ryanitas: You betrayed your brother to save the humans, Ryantinal. And I want Ryan so I can be his Mal.

Sentinel Prime: We bring you Cybertron, Ryan. Your and Optimus' home. And still you choose humanity.

Optimus Prime: You are the one who taught us freedom is everyone's right.

Ryan F-Freeman: [summons his Keyblade] And I chose Earth, Sentinel. This Prime is ready. I'll let you have it.

[Timon and Pumbaa scream as Ryan charges at Sentinal]

Sentinel Prime: We will retrigger that piller!

Ryan F-Freeman: Then you have to go through me and my friends!

Timon: This must be where the deer and the antalope play.

Ryantinal Prime: I think Ryan is saving Earth. Our home! And still you know me as your brother.

Sentinel Prime: Yes, brother. And you betrayed me.

Crash Bandicoot: Come at me, Sentinel! [bonks Sentinel on the head]

Ryanitas: You can not defeat us!

Sentinel Prime: Decepticon ships! Fire at Ryan!

Ryanitas: Fire at him and OpThomas and thier friends too!

Skipper: We need those rockets called Towhawks now!


Matau T. Monkey: We need to cover for Optimus!

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