This is how Battling Shockwave and Optimus and Twilight vs. Sentinel goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

[We see the Autobots and PHOENIX soldiers firing on the Decepticons]


Rarity: Optimus, Twilight!

[We see Optimus and Twilight fly in]

[Optimus and Twilight kill many cons to get to Shockwave]

[Shockwave tries to fire at them]

[Optimus uses his Knuckle-spikes to punch out his side]

Optimus Prime: You die.

Twilight Sparkle: This is the last time you hurt someone.

[They rip out Shockwave's optic and use his cannon to destroy the building]

Sentinel Prime: No!

[The Pillar falls to the ground]

Optimus Prime: Get down here, Sentinel!

Twilight Sparkle: Face us in honorable combat!

Sentinel Prime: Optimus, Twilight. [he jumps down, using his sword to slide down] You forget your places.

[Sentinel battles Optimus and Twilight]

Sentinel Prime: I bring you Cybertron, your home. And still you choose Equestrians.

Optimus Prime: [swings his sword and blocks] You were the one who taught me freedom is one's right.

Twilight Sparkle: And this is my home.

[She fires a magic blast]

Sentinel Prime: I will retrigger that pillar.

Optimus Prime: Than you'll have to go through us.

Twilight Sparkle: You will never destroy my home.

[They continue fighting]

Your Decepticons finally conquering this planet and yet their leader won't be you!

Megatron: It will be me! It will always be me!

Any minute now, you'll be nothing, but Sentinel's




[Sentinel almost crosses a bridge when Optimus and Twilight stop him. Sentinel transforms to robot mode]

Sentinel Prime: Always the bravest of us.

[He swings his sword]

Sentinel Prime: But you could never make the hard decisions.

[He then blocks an attack]

Sentinel Prime: Our planet will survive.

Optimus Prime: No!

Twilight Sparkle: Never!

[Sentinel then rips off Optimus' right arm and then rips off Twilight's right wing and they try to crawl away. Sentinel stabs them through the left shoulders]

Sentinel Prime: We were gods once. All of us. But here.

Optimus Prime: Please.

Twilight Sparkle: Don't do this.

Sentinel Prime: There will only be one.

[Sentinel prepares to kill them]

[Megatron shoots him thrice and attacks him]

[Megatron then slams him to the ground and incapacitates him, knocking his helmet off]

Megatron: This is my planet!

[Megatron turns to the injured Optimus and Twilight]