This is how Battling Trypticon goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

[The gang is transported to the Transformers: War for Cybertron world by Thunderwing and land on Air Raid, Jetfire, and Silverbolt]

Air Raid: Ow!

Jetfire: Where'd those guys come from?

Silverbolt: Get off us!

Batman: Sorry.

Gandalf: A metal planet.

Wyldstyle: Where are we?

Princess Ivy: It's Cybertron. A place where Ryan found me.

Homer Simpson: Guess we're lucky.

Sonata Dusk: We're always lucky, Homer.

Emmet: Yeah. But we need to fix what has happened here.

Evil Anna: Could you friends build something we could use to help us?

[Air Raid, Jetfire, and Silverbolt build a jet that fits all of them out of parts they find and they all start heading towards an orbital gun]

Megatron: [over comm on the orbital gun] Trypticon--the Autobots are keeping the rest of their transports grounded. Take aim at the planet's surface--destroy Iacon City!

Trypticon: As you command, Lord Megatron. Readjusting alignment. Initiating bombardment of Iacon.

Air Raid: Was that--did that thing just talk?

Silverbolt: Yeah it did--and it's about to fire on Iacon!

Ryan F-Freeman: If it fires, Prime's done for. We have to do something!

Finn the Human: You're right, Ryan. We must help the Autobots.

Silverbolt: Autobots--there at the energy condulent that's our point of entry. Go! Now! MOVE!

[They enter the gun]

Silverbolt: We're inside the gun now, Optimus. We'll disable it asap.

Air Raid: And how exactly are we suppose to disable this thing?

Jetfire: There's got to be some kind of weak point. Just keep flying.

Adagio Dazzle: Whoa!

Aria Blaze: I hope it can't get any worse, Adagio. [laughs a bit]

Sonata Dusk: You and me both, Aria.

Trypticon: Hahahaha.

Air Raid: That sounded like laughter. Was that laughter?!?

Optimus Prime: [over comm] Silverbolt! We're taking a pounding down here! Get that gun offline now!

Silverbolt: Come on guys, hurry. Every time that gun fires, more Autobots die.

Trypticon: You cannot stop me, little Autobots. I am Trypticon. I am your death.

Jetfire: Oh great Primus. I think this gun is a Cybertronian!

Trypticon: I live to serve Megatron and to destroy Autobots.

Crash Bandicoot: Jetfire. It's us. We're from Earth.

Jetfire: Aim for the fuel cells on the back of the Destroyer!

Crash Bandicoot:

Jetfire: I think we need that cannon offline.

Trypticon: Destruction of Iacon City at 5% completion. Hall of Ancients defenses nearing failure. Calculating angle for maximum damage to Code Archives.

[Ryan leads the heroes deep to the core]

Trypticon: Direct hit to Zeta Prime's Vault. Destruction of Iacon City at 9.48% completion. Re-acquiring target alignment parameters for Stellar Galleries.

Trypticon: Enter freely, Autobots. All you shall find is your destruction.

Jetfire: This looks like the vapor complex chambers. Keep going!

Silverbolt: Look out! Don't let those mashers catch you!

Megatron: [over comm] Trypticon. I have the co-ordinates for Optimus Prime's exact location. Target him now!

Trypticon: Yes, Lord Megatron. Zeroing in on co-ordinates now.

Evil Ryan: Hurry! There must be a transformation cog near by.

Silverbolt: Did you hear that? One direct hit and Optimus is scrapped! Let's move!

Air Raid: Wait a sec. Trypticon's a Cybertronian right?

Jetfire: Yeah? So?

Air Raid: Then he must have a conversion cog. If we destroy it, he won't be able to stay online as a gun. He'll revert to his original form.

Jetfire: We don't even know what his original form is.

Silverbolt: Maybe not, but anything's better then this. Great idea, Air Raid.

Jake the Dog: We agree with you too, Air Raid.

Trypticon: Lord Megatron, Optimus Prime's location is now target-locked. Powering up for maximum impact.

Air Raid: They're gonna kill Prime! Move, move, move!

Golden King: You heard the Aerialbot. Move it!

Jetfire: There! Blast it!

Air Raid: Destroy the turrets!

Bertram T. Monkey: Exterminate!

Trypticon: Insolent little trash-heaps! You will never destroy me.

Trypticon: [roars in pain] You will SUFFER for this, Autobots!

Trypticon: Discharge power at 75%. Soon Optimus Prime will cease to exist.


Ryan F-Freeman: This one is for you and Cybertron, Odette. CHERRY BOMBS AWAY!

[Ryan throws a Cherry Bomb at Trypticon's conversion cog and it explodes with a "Ka-BOOM!!!"]

Trypticon: No. Noooo! Cannot maintain cannon form!

Silverbolt: We need to get out of here now.

Air Raid: What's he changing into? Are those TEETH?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. The cave is moving!

Cody Fairbrother: This is no cave, bro.

[Trypticon transforms to robot mode, which is a gigantic metal dinosaur]

Silverbolt: We made it! Now let's finish this guy off!

Sci-Ryan: But this time, with back-up.

Trypticon: Ha! Ha! Ha! You haven't defeated me, Autobots! You have only untethered your own destroyer!

Air Raid: What's it gonna take with this guy?

Jetfire: Silverbolt, he's jetting straight for the planet!

Silverbolt: Aim at his jetpack. We're not finished with him yet.

[Ryan use his magic at Trypticon's jetpack]

Silverbolt: Nice shot!

Trypticon: Feel the burn of my laser! [fires his laser breath at the group thrice]

[Ryan keepes firing]

Silverbolt: Keep firing!

Evil Ryan: I'm a firing my laser! [fires his laser at Trypticon's jetpack]

Jake the Dog: Yeah boy!

Trypticon: Pathetic! [fires missiles out of his back and fires his laser breath at the group thrice again]

Sci-Ryan and Odette: Take cover!!

Trypticon: Your cause is hopeless. You cannot hope to defeat TRYPTICON! [fires missiles out of his back again]

Cody Fairbrother: Take that! [throws a fire ball at Trypticon's back]

[He starts to fall]

Air Raid: There! That'll do it!

[The jetpack catches fire]

Silverbolt: He's falling out of control now! Pour it on!

[Trypticon's jetpack explodes and Trypticon starts falling towards Cybertron]

Trypticon: I will grind you into dust for this, Autobots!

Homer Simpson: We're not gonna make it!

Silverbolt: Autobots--veer off! Let gravity do the rest. Optimus, Trypticon is falling out of orbit!

Optimus Prime: [over comm] We're tracking the descent, Silverbolt. We'll take it from here.

[The gang starts flying towards Cybertron at maximum speed]


[The gang arrives at Cybertron]

Bumblebee: Look! There it is!

Gandalf: I think we need to remember what I said.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. No showing sins or touching things we shouldn't.

Optimus Prime: I don't see any signs of Trypticon. And in his size, he'd be hard to miss.

Crash Bandicoot: Prime! We saved you!

[Trypticon's tail appears out of the ground]

Ironhide: What? Is that a tail?

Optimus Prime: Silverbolt, we've located Trypticon. Uploading co-ordinates now!

Trypticon: You thought you could destroy ME? You thought you could destroy TRYPTICON? Haaa! Pathetic!

Bumblebee: He's just laughing at us!

Trypticon: Abandon hope vermin. Your death approaches.

[Trypticon brings out his shoulder cannons and starts firing on the group]

Gandalf: Come on. You think he's like the Balrog, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't know, Gandalf. But we are overlooking something.

Ironhide: You heard Silverbolt. His armor's too tough.

Optimus Prime: He can't be invincible. We're overlooking something.

Ironhide: Look! I think his shoulder cannons are overheating! If we could cause them to overload, it might destroy them!

Optimus Prime: Ironhide's right. We've got to figure out how to overload those cannons.

Ryan F-Freeman: Some battery cells will do.

Cody Fairbrother: How are suppose to shoot that big bot, Prime? We got magic and weapons from other worlds.

Sonata Dusk: This strategy is working, guys!

Trypticon: I will grind you all to DUST!

[Trypticon fires his remaining shoulder cannon at the group]

Ryan F-Freeman: Let me get a battery cell.

[He presses a button]

Ryan F-Freeman: [his hand turns into Arcee's blaster from Transformers: Prime] Aim the shot. Make it count.

[Ryan blasts it]

Trypticon: You'll pay for that vermin!

Ironhide: I think we just made him angry.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think you're right, Ironhide.

Silverbolt: [over COMM] The cavary has arrived! Air Raid, heal Prime and the others! Jetfire and I will cover you!

[Jetfire and Silverbolt fire at Trypticon's back, making him roar in pain]

Air Raid: Deploying healing charges! Just be near them when they detonate!

Optimus Prime: Air Raid, look out!

[Trypticon smacks Air Raid away with his tail]

Optimus Prime: Silverbolt! JETFIRE!

[Trypticon turns around and fires at Jetfire and Silverbolt who get hit and fall]


Optimus Prime: Autobots, Trypticon is about to attack. Be ready for anything.

Trypticon: You cannot escape from me. Now, die!

Jet-Vac: Let's get out of here!

Stealth Elf: We want to live!

Spyro: Could we go back to defeating Thunderwing?

[Trypticon's sides open]

Bumblebee: What's happening to his sides? They're changing!

Ironhide: He's still got the same problem--too much heat build up. Aim for those dissipation coils on his ribs!

Optimus Prime: We're following Ironhide's lead on this! Target those coils!

[They shoot and one of the coils explodes]

Ironhide: He's not as tough as he lets on!

Bumblebee: Yeah--that looked REALLY painful!

Trypticon: AAAAAHHHHH! I'll CRUSH you! I'll crush you ALL!

Optimus Prime: Keep it up, Autobots! We're hurting him!

Ex-Terminator: We'll have you exterminated.

[Trypticon roars and uses his tail to smash the ground and our heroes fall into a room and look up to see Trypticon jump down after them]

Trypticon: [roars] You are fools! I cannot be defeated! Witness my true power!

Bumblebee: We barely even slowed him down.

Sci-Ryan: He just doesn't know when to quit, Odette.

Odette: I think you are right, Ryan.

[Trypticon raises his tail]

Ironhide: Watch out for that tail!

Trypticon: Die!

[Trypticon's tail punches the ground]

Trypticon: Hahahaha!

Bumblebee: My weapons aren't hurting him at all.

Optimus Prime: Keep your optics sharp, Autobots! He has to have some kind of weakness.

Ironhide: Those power cores on his back look vulnerable!

Bumblebee: Yes. Something to shoot.

Optimus Prime: Autobots, focus all fire on Trypticon's dorsal power cores!

Ryan F-Freeman: My friends. Use all firepower on Trypticon's power cores!

Trypticon: You are wasting my time! Lie down and die!

Lemon Zest: Don't mess with the Shadowbolts! [fires a rocket at Trypticon's first power core]

Ironhide: It's working! Pour it on!

Trypticon: NOTHING can stop me! NOTHING!

Sci-Ryan: Good shot. [to Trypticon in royal Canterlot voice] SHE TOLD YOU NOT TO MESS WITH US!!!

[The loudness of Sci-Ryan's voice makes Trypticon's second power core blow up]

Trypticon: You are wasting my time! Lie down and die!

Red (Angry Birds): Wow.

Ryan F-Freeman: That blows. I meant in a good way.

Puffin: It's working! Only one core left!

[The Dazzlings and the Cyberlings destroy Trypticon's last power core.]

Trypticon: Rooooooaaaaar!

[Trypticon grabs onto a wall]

Trypticon: You will suffer for this, Autobots!

[Trypticon brings his hand down on the group to try and bring them down with him but he falls down]

Optimus Prime: Thank Primus it worked.

[Trypticon rises back up]

Bumblebee: Look out!

Trypticon: You haven't defeated me, Autobots!

Optimus Prime: You've lost, Trypticon!

[Optimus Prime brings out his Energon-Axe and Ryan brings out his Keyblade and slam them to the ground, sending Trypticon falling into an Energon lake.]

Optimus Prime and Ryan F-Freeman: Autobots, ROLL OUT!


Ratchet: You did it, Prime!

Optimus Prime: WE did it, Ratchet. All of us. Many brothers were lost today… but thanks to our combined efforts, many more will live to find a home elsewhere.

Bumblebee: Optimus, Megatron is still out there.

Optimus Prime: And as long as we remain here, we shall resist him. But in time our turn will come to leave Cybertron as well. I have commissioned a new galactic transport for us... an Ark, in which we shall make our journey through the stars. No matter where we go, Cybertron will be with us.

Ryan F-Freeman: Prime? What about us? We helped out.

Optimus Prime: I think so. Thanks to you and your friends, Ryan, Trypticon is beaten. In honor of that, I will have the Autobots make a statue of you and your friends made from dead Decepticons.

Evil Ryan: Thanks.

Homer Simpson: I think my wife and kids are on their way to the Scooby Doo world. We need to build a gateway.

Ryan F-Freeman: Optimus? You think there's a space bridge back to the Gateway room? I am the new Prime.

Optimus Prime: Yes. Autobots. Build a portal for our friends.