This is how battling the Changling Army and where Brian gets knocked out in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

[Soon, outside everyone is battling the Changlings]


Kitty: This is getting crazy! There's more Changlings coming than what we can fight!

Edd: And I think there's more coming!

[after several more troops are taken down, the team soon find themselves surrounded]

Courage: We're in trouble now!

Captain Thorn: [signals the Changlings to lower their weapons] You all have fought hard, but you're now surrounded. But if you surrender, we might spare you all.

Eddy: Never! You'll never take us alive!

Captain Thorn: Fine, have it your way. [signals the troops to raise their weapons at the team]

Zoe Trent: No! Don't do this! I'm too cute and and too young to die! I still have lots to do in my life!

Owl: Does anyone have a new plan?

Leafeon: What else can we do?! It's not like a convoy of ships on our side is gonna come flying in!

Rainbow: Look there!

[several ships then fly in and out jump the Wonderbolts with Figge and Zecora!]

Leafeon: Then again, I could be mistaken.

Figge: Just in time!

Spitfire: Everyone, finish these filthy beasts!

[Soon, everyone is taking out the huge army of Changlings]

[we return to the duel as "Battle of the Heroes" starts playing]

[The duel is more intense than ever, as the four duelers are now walking on a thin walkway as they continue clashing sabers, waving them in the air like crazy, like crazy, and like crazy]

[then they come to apoint on the thin walkway where they come to a pause]

Shining Armor: We have failed you Brian, we have failed you.

Brian: I should've been put me back in charge and I should've known that the Jedi were plotting to take over! You don't care about me or that fact I only hurt my ankle!

Cadance: Brian, we do care! Nightmare Moon and Sombra are just trying to manipulate you! And turn you evil!

Brian: From my point of view, all Jedi and their allies are evil!

Twilight: Well, then you are lost!

Brian: [laughs] Oh, you know something, sweet heart? I have to disagree on that.

Twilight: Don't do this, Brian.

Brian: This is the end for you, Sparkles.

[they continue clashing their sabers, and then the Sparkles Force leap onto a small platform]

Cadance: It's over Brian! We have the high ground!

Brian: You clearly undereistemant my powers!

Twilight: Don't try it!

[but Brian Force leaps towards them, and as the Sparkles hold up their sabers ready to strike, but then, out of nowhere, a blaster shot then flies in and then hits Brian!]

Brian: GAAH!!!

[Brian lands on the ground with a thud]

[we then see Vinny on the walkway with a DC-17 blaster pistol in hand]

Vinny: [panting]

Twilight: Vinny!

Vinny: Hi.

[the Sparkles then extinguise the blades of their sabers, as they walk up to the stunned Brian]

Twilight: Brian, how could you?!


Shining Armor: Help bring balance to the Force, not leave it darkness!

[then Vinny walks up to Brian]

Vinny: You've left me no choice, Brian. You we're my brother! I loved you!

Twilight: Well, at least we didn't cripple him or even kill him.

Vinny: Let's let him lay here for a while, he might get his senses back again. And the Changlings are here, we need your help to fight them!

Cadance: Then let's go!

[the four run out as Brian is still laying on the platform, stunned]

[Outside, the battle continues to rage]

[Gunshots, Blaster bolts, and Lightsabers noises were everywhere]

[And, the Sparkles and Vinny race out and kill several changelings]

[several changleings are taken down but more are still coming]

Vinny: I hope Brian snaps out soon! We really could use his help!

Shining Armor: If, he's not still manipulated, anyway.

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