Here's how battling the KSI robots and Bradey's droids goes in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[We see Shane running]

Joshua: Darcy!

Darcy: Joshua!

Shane: We got three more coming in from that way!

Cade: Bee, where's Tessa?!

Bumblebee: [points to her]

Tessa: Dad! [the 2 embrace]

Joshua: We got a real dilemma here. Okay? I created incredible robots. It's all designed to kick that fat Transformers' butt So, really, this is a no-win situation. It's over.

Hound: [flicks his cigar at the back of Joshua's head] That was mean.

Joshua: Hey! I'm sorry if you can't handle the cold-heated truth!

[With Optimus, Drift and Cross-Hairs]

Hound: [on radio] Optimus, what are my orders with these humans? Can I squish the bald guy?

Optimus: They're in trouble.

Cross-Hairs: Nah, this isn't our fight! I'm done being an underdog. Underdogs suck! I say they get what they deserve. What's the play, Prime?

Optimus: It's time for reinforcements. Recognize one of your knights. [his arms transform to super mode. And picks it up the sword of justice and frees Grimlock]

Grimlock: ROAR!!!

Optimus: [speaking alien] "The legend exists".

[Back with the others]

[People are running]

Cade: Come on.

[Hound and Bumblebee drive]

Cade: Alright, come on! Come on, let's go! Bee, go!

[Rockets fire]

Cade: Come on, we got to move! Lets go, move! Where's Tessa? Tessa, get over here! Come on! Get over here!

Hound: Stay behind me! I'm covering you! If I stop covering you, it means I'm dead. But that ain't gonna happen.

[rockets fire]

Hound: [fires triple Gatling gun] Take that! I'm a wicked warrior robot! [fires rockets] Damn!

Cade: Come on! We gotta move now! Go, go!

[People are running and screaming]

[KSI robots are attacking]

Hound: We got hostiles coming down the street! Go! [fires a shotgun]

[KSI robots fire their cannons]

Hound: Bee, twelve o'clock! Cove fire!

Bumblebee: [fires his plasma cannon] [fires rockets]

Joshua: We're surrounded! Hustle, hustle, hustle! Rocket! Go, go, go!

[They all hide inside a small restaurant]

Joshua: Oh, this is the perfect place to hide. A big glass box! Nobody will ever find us here! That's... [gets frustrated]

Cross-Hairs: You've got to be kidding me.

[Optimus and the Dinobots walk up]

Optimus: Legendary warriors. The powers that created us. Now want us all extinguish. We must join forces, Or else forever be there slaves. So today, you sand with us. Or, you stand against me.

Grimlock: ROAR! [then battles Optimus]

Cross-Hairs: Nah, will let Prime figure this out.

Drift: Very wise.

Cross-Hairs: There's no friggin' way I'm staying down here with them. No way, no way.

[Optimus and Grimlock continue fighting]

Optimus: Only together can we survive! [punches Grimlock] Let me lead you!

Grimlock: [transforms into his T-Rex mode] ROAR!!! [he breaths fire as he roars]

Cross-Hairs: Oh, no.

Drift: I was expecting a giant car.

Optimus: Come here!

Grimlock: [charges at Optimus]

Optimus: We're giving you freedom. [his Grimlock with his shield]

Grimlock: [gives up]

Optimus: You defend my family. [hops on Grimlock] or die. Autobots, we're going to prove who we are, and why we're here!

Cross-Hairs: Ugh, you just want to die for the guy. That's leadership, or brainwashing, or something.

Drift: No. That's Optimus Prime. 

[The other Dinobots transform into their Dinosaur forms]

Optimus: Autobots, we charge together! Now, roll out!

[The battle continues]

Hound: We're getting boxed in! We're getting flanked everywhere! Help me out here! Kill anything that moves! Come on, Cade, shoot!

Hound: Come and get some, you little sucker! Incoming!

Joyce: [growls] I can't believe I'm putting my life in your hands.

Cade: Here. Be my guest. Take the gun. Go ahead, take it. Come on, you can lead.

Joyce: No, I don't wanna take the gun!

Cade: Then stay under there and shut up!

Joyce: All right. Your good with the gun. You keep it.

Cade: [shoots]

Hound: Running out of guns and ammo. Ow! [throws a truck] Come and get some! [fires] You're all gonna die!

[The Dinobots make there way to the city]

[Back with the others]

Cade: [shoots a KSI robot]

Hound: Way a go, baby!

Cade: [shoots the KSI robot's head]

Hound: Good shooting Cade! I'm like a fat ballerina who takes scalps and slits throats! [takes out a dagger] Got your fortune cookie! [stabs a KSI robot mouth] Come here, little punk. [a grenade throws in] Pull the pin! I'm dying out here!

Joyce: Here! Take it, take it!

Hound: Little help, little help!

Cade: [pulls the pin]

Joyce: It's live, it's live! Take it!

Cade: What do you want me to do with it?!

Joyce: Just throw it!

Hound: Give, give, give! [throws 2 out them] Got some bad news, guys. I'm out of ammo and out of ideas.

[The Dinobots make their way in]

Optimus: Faster, go! [he and Grimlock start killing KSI robots] I'll kill you! [hops back on Grimlock]

[Hound, our heroes, and Cade continue fighting]

[Back with the Dinobots]

[The Dinobots continue killing KSI robots]

Optimus: CHARGE!

[The Dinobots keep going]

Galvatron: No, impossible! They're ruining everything!

Hound: Take that! [flips his cigar and shoots a KSI robot head] Get off me!

Cade: Get up, Hound!

Hound: I can't go on.

Cade: But you gotta keep fighting!

Hound: Tank's empty bro.

Cade: There's more of them coming, if you don't get up we're gonna die, lets go!

[The Dinobots arrive]

Optimus: Attack!

Hound: Optimus is here!

[Bumblebee kills KSI robots]

Optimus: Bee, jump! 

Bumblebee: [does so] 

Starfe: [catches him]

Drift: [kills KSI robots]

[Bumblebee and KSI robot fight on Starfe]

Bumblebee: Uh-oh!

[Starfe falls]

[Bumblebee and KSI robot continue there fight, then stabs his plasma cannon in his head. Then shoots him into a Victoria's Secret bus]

Bumblebee: I hate cheap knockoffs.

Starfe: [grabs the KSI robot's head and eats it]

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