This is when the heroes and the tribes fight off the outland tribes in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

At the Lion Temple, Lagravis, Lavertus, Li'ella and Tormak are Talking to each other.

Tino: What's going on?

Batman: Are they talking to Something?

Sunset Shimmer: That's right, Batman.

Doraemon: I wonder what they up to?

Laval: Um... Dad, what's going on?

Lagravis: We have received a Letter from the Phoenix Tribe. And it says that they will come to Chima for 1 Week.

Laval: Great.

Lagravis: And is so nice to see you again, Weekenders Teams, and who are they?

Emmet: I'm Emmet.

Lagravis: I know you. Laval told me about you.

Emmet: Really? Thanks Laval.

Laval: Your welcome.

Wyldstyle: I'm Wyldstyle, and I'm not a DJ.

Batman: I'm Batman.

Owen: I'm Owen Grady. Tino, who is he?

Tino: That's Lavertus. He's is Laval's Uncle.

Owen: Not him. I meant him.

Tino: Oh, that's Lagravis, he's is Laval's Father and he is the King of the Lion Tribe's.

Owen: King? Oh! Where are my Manners, I'm sorry your Majesty.

Lagravis: Is Okay, Owen. I know how you feel.

Owen: Thank you.

Gandalf: I am Gandalf the Grey.

Lavertus: Nice Walking stick you have.

Gandalf: It is not a Walking Stick, it is a Staff!

Lavertus: Okay? But what about the Beard?

Gandalf: I'm a Wizard.

Owen: I do have raptors.

Tino: We know you do. We'll I've got the keyblade.

Wyldstyle: Your Majesty, we have so Bad news to tell you.

Tormak: Tell us the news, Wyldstyle.

Wyldstyle: Ok, Tiger.

Batman: We noticed an explosion coming from the Outlands.

Gandalf: Can you tell us where did came from, your majesty?

Lavertus: It came from Scorm and his allie, Jafar.

Everyone: JAFAR!?

Wyldstyle: Who's Jafar.

Tino: He was the Sultan's adviser who want to rule all of Agrabah. But me, my friends and Aladdin stopped him by sucking him into his lamp.

Gandalf: Oh my! He looks like Sauron.

Laval: Li'ella, how did you, your Father, My Uncle and My Father knows that the Outlands Tribe's are Coming?

Li'ella: Because of the Telescope.


Li'ella: (narrating) My father was busy doing his work, when he looked in the telescope, and saw the explosion coming from the Outland.

Flashback ends

Gandalf: Oh, I see. What shall we do about Scorm and Jafar?

Wyldstyle: Maybe we should start a war on them, and get another keystone.

Sunset Shimmer: Great idea.

Tormak: What about the Tribes?

Laval: Don't worry, My Friends will tell them about what happen.

Lavertus: They better be... Or will they?

At the Eagle Spire

Eris: Guys, one problem.

Eglor: What's that?

Eris: Scorm and the Outlands are gonna have a Battle on us.

Everybody: (Gasp)

Eris: Don't worry. We are going to fight them back.

Ewald: Battle stations everyone

Eris: I hope Cragger would tell his Parents and His Tribe's about this.

At the Crocodile Swamp's

Cragger: Mum, Dad, Crooler I have some bad news.

Crominus: What is it?

Cragger: Scorm and the Outlanders is going to invade Chima!

Everybody: WHAT!!

Cragger: We must stop them.

Crooler: Here we go again.

Cragger: I hope Worriz would tell the Wolves about this?

At the Wolf's Camp

Worriz: Wolves! I have some new for you to tell.

Wilhurt: Then what is it?

Worriz: The Outland tribes are in for war!

Everyone: (Scream)

Worriz: Don't Panic Everybody. Just don't Panic, we will fight them no matter what.

Wonald: I'm ready! Where's the bad guys?

Worriz: Wonald. I don't want you get hurt from them, Cause you are too young to fight.

Wonald: Oh come on!

Worriz: (Sigh) Fine, your in. And you better bring your Slingshot.

Wonald: Okay.

Worriz: Windra! I want you to come with me.

Windra: (Growl)

Worriz: Maybe not. I hope that Gorilla could tell his Tribe's about this.

At the Gorilla Forest

Gorzan: Dude's I have something to tell you.

G'loona: What is it Brother?

Gorzan: The Outland tribe's are coming toward Chima!

Everyone: (Gasp)

Gorzan: We should stop them, no matter what!

G'loona: Then let's Fight them.

Gorzan: G'loona, you can't fight them like this.

G'loona: I'll be fine. My friends will help me.

Gorzan: You mean, Wonald, Furty and Skinnet?

G'loona: Yes.

Gorzan: Alright. But if those Outlanders hurt you, I'm gonna get them for this. I hope Razar could tell all the other Dude's about this.

At the Raven's Junkyard

Razar: Father. I have something to tell you.

Rawzom: What is it son?

Razar: Well.

(He whispered to his Ear and he look so Shock)

Rawzom: What! Them again?

Razar: Yes, them again.

Rawzom: Merciful Neptune.

Razar: I hope Rogon could tell the Other Rhino's about this.

At the Rhino's Quarry

Rogon: Everyone! I have some Bad news.

Rinona: What is it Rogon?

Rogon: The Outlanders are going to war.

Everyone: (Scream)

Rogon: Don't Scream Okay?

Everyone: Okay!

Rogon: Good! I hope Fangar could tell his Tribe's, The Valtures and the Mammoths about this.

At Fangar's Fort

Fangar: Everybody I have some bad news to tell you.

Stealtor: Then what is it?

Fangar: There is gonna be a war from the Outlands!

Everyone: (Gasp and Scream)

Fangar: Everybody calm down, even you Sykor. Oh man, I hope that Bear would tell his Tribe about what happen.

At the Bear Tribe's

Bladvic: Bears! I have some bad new to tell you.

Balkar: What is it?

Bladvic: The Outland tribes are at it again!

Everyone: (Scream)

Bladvic: Please just calm down. Oh Boy, this is gonna be a long battle for Chima.

Back to Tino, the others, Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle .

Batman: So what do we do now?

Tino: Get ready to fight, and covered your butts.

Emmet: Cover the what?

Longtooth: Everyone! Their here!

Lavertus: Let's do this Brother.

(He put on his Helmet and he's wear his ShadoWind's Outfit with his Sword called the Black Valious)

Lagravis: Okay Brother.

Batman: So you are ShadoWind, Lavertus?

Lavertus: Yes, Batman.

Batman: Nice to meet you, now get ready.

Lennox: Here they are!

(They saw the Scorpion, The Bats and the Spider Tribe's coming towards Chima with their Vehicles, except Scorm and Jafar they were not with them)

Rex Owen: Where's Jafar and Scorm?

Tormak: I don't know.

Tino: Wherever they are, but we have to protect Chima.

Doraemon: And the Tribe's are here, look!

(They see the tribes of Chima are coming to help)

Carver: Alright!

Noby: Our Friends are here!

Shido Itsuka: Let's Battle!

Laval: For Chima!

(Then the tribes fights of the outlanders, while the heroes search for Scorm and Jafar)

Emmet: So, where is this Jafar, you've talked about anyway?

Batman: Beats me.

Lavertus: There's too many of them! Run back to the Temple, Brother! I'll take care of these guys.

Lagravis: Okay, Good luck, Lavertus.

(Winzar is fighting the Scorpion Tribe's, but he fell down to the Ground thanks to the Spider)

Winzar: Is this the end of me?

(But the Rhino Warrior save him from the Spider)

Winzar: Guess not.

(Fangar is fighting the Scorpion with his Tribe's)

Fangar: Come on! Give me you shot! (The Scorpion stung him in the Knee) Ow! My Knee!

(Owen has been face to face to Blista)

Owen Grady: Looks like is you and me Bat.

Blista: (Hissing)

(He is going to attack him, but Owen shot him with a Tranquilizer Gun, and knock him out)

Owen Grady: Well. I still got it from a Bat.

Batman: Oh Come on! You are not as Cool as Star Lord!

Owen Grady: Who's Star Lord?

Batman: I don't want to tell you about him.

Spinlyn: Stop them!

(Wonald has come out of the Bushes and aim his Slingshot to Spinlyn Teeth)

Spinlyn: Ow! You chipped my tooth!

Furty: Take that! You Villain! (He whack her head with a Mullet)

Scolder: I'm gonna Blast them with this.

(He aim the Blaster to the Tribe's of Chima)

Leonidas: Look out! (He Dodge it)

Lundor: Whoa! (He Dodge it)

Crug: Yikes! (He reflect it with a Shield, and aim it to the Scolder)

Scolder: (Gasp) (He Dodge it) That was Close.

(And then Green Vial has been Explode and make it stink to Scolder and Spinlyn)

Spinlyn: What is that Horrible smell!?

Scolder: It's stink!

Skinnet: One of my Green Vial. I put all the smell inside the Bottle, before the Great Illuminations.

G'loona: Take That!

(She throw it and make it more Stink)

Scolder: I'm out of here. (He ran off the Outland)

Spinlyn: Crybaby!

G'loonas: Yeah, run away, you crybaby!

(Tino and his Team are fighting the Outland's. Laval and his Friends has been surrounded)

Worriz: Great! We're Surrounded!

Cragger: If only we have our Chi Orb.

Tino: Guys! Here! (He throw 8 Orbs to them)

Laval: Thanks!

(Laval, Cragger, Worriz, Eris, Gorzan, Bladvic, Razar and Rogon had their Chi Orb)

Noby: Um... Tino... Wrong Orb.

Tino: Huh? (He look at the Orb, and it wasn't a Chi Orb or Fire Chi orb or Reegull Chi orb, but a different Orb) Oh Boy.

Sunset Shimmer: What's wrong, Tino?

Tino: I accidentally gave them the wrong Orb.

Everybody: What!?

Sunset Shimmer: Then, where are the real Chi Orbs?

Tino: I don't know! I just found those Orbs lying on the ground.

Gandalf: Then... What are those Orbs?

Tino: I don't know what those Orbs are?

(Laval and his Friends has put the Orbs on their Chest, and now they have Two Weapons and they have a Valor Form Outfit's)

Laval: Wow, I have two Swords!

Cragger: Tino accidently gave us the wrong orbs. These orbs are just too powerful!

(They fight off the Outlanders and they are too powerful)

Spinlyn: They are too Powerful! Retreat!

The Outlanders runs away to the Vortex.

Laval: [laughs] And stay out!

Eris: We did it!

Cragger: We've beaten the Outlanders!

Worriz: Looks like those Orb, that we put are very Powerful

Rogon: Yeah! And that will make them run away.

Razar: I will cause a Fortune for this Orb- I mean, helpful to me.

Gorzan: Dude! Those Weapons that we have, are very powerful too.

Bladvic: And we have Two Weapons, and now we did it!

(They have been return to their Normal Form from the Drive Orb)

Laval: I don't know why that we have two Weapons, but we won!

Worriz: I'm sure those weapons are good for us. And hurrah!

Tino: Well done, guys. We beaten the Outlanders.

Emmet: All right! We did it! Awesome!

Doraemon: But where is Scorm and Jafar?

Noby: Yeah, they were not with them, since the Battle.

Laval: (Gasp) Oh No! (He ran back to the Lion's Temple)

Tino: Laval! What's wrong?

Laval: Well, if Jafar and Scorm are here. Then that means they are inside the Temple!

Sue: (Gasp) We have stop them!

Lavertus: Wait. If Scorm and Jafar are inside the Temple? Then that means... (Gasp) Oh No, I'm coming Brother!

Lor: I hope he's alright.

Tino: Don't worry, we'll find out, no matter what.

They all went to the Lion's Temple