Here's how battling the TBC robots go in Wrath of the Century.

[We soon see our heroes running down the street]

Esmeralda: There's a whole lot more coming in from that way.

Shane: We got three more coming in from that way!

Cade: Bee, where's Tessa?!

Bumblebee: [points to her]

Tessa: Dad! [the 2 embrace]

Pepper Clark: Hey, guys!

[We see the royals and the 2 skunks in the sky]

Mitzi: Hello!

Twilight: Celestia, Luna, Cadance!

Blythe: Pepper, Mitzi!

[The 3 alicorns land and Pepper and Mitzi hop off]

Skyla: Mommy!

Yuna: Mama!

Sharon: Mother!

[The 3 hug their mothers]

Cadance: Are you okay?

Skyla: Yeah, I missed you.

Yuna: I'm so glad you're back.

Princess Luna: Me too. I'm sorry.

Sharon: I'm missed you.

Princess Celestia: I missed you too.

[Then Zoe walks up to Pepper]

Zoe Trent: What were you thinking?

Pepper Clark: I was just..

[She hugs Pepper and she returns the hug]

Pepper Clark: Okay, okay, you can let go.

Zoe Trent: Oh. [lets go] Sorry.

Gail Trent: What about you, Mitzi?

Mitzi: Yeah, I'm alright.

Russell Ferguson: Glad to have you back, Mitz, we need everyone here so we can destroy the TBC robots and stop the villains.

Mitzi: Yeah about that, some of them are already taken care of.

Penny Ling: Really? Who?

Pepper Clark: I killed Sideshow Bob with a Lightsaber Teeth Chainsaw.

Mitzi: And yesterday, Suri Polomare and Starlight Glimmer were both killed by the same thing. I didn't see what happened to Starlight, but as for Suri I was trying to make an escape but then she chased me and I tried to squeeze in a pit under a tree but she grabbed me, and then I was saved by um.. well....

Minka Mark: By what? By what?

Mitzi: Uh.. [stutters]

Brian: [makes Mitzi look at him] Mitzi, yesterday, what killed Suri and Starlight? Can you describe it?

Mitzi: I don't know what it was. But it could camouflage, like a chameleon.

Nick Wilde: What? You're saying that an earth pony and unicorn were killed by a lizard?!

Sunil Nevla: No, she means that the being who killed Suri and Starlight could camouflage in the same style as the chameloen.

Brian: What else do you remember?

Mitzi: This being has blades in its knuckles, and I also heard from the other villains that it had a raygun too.

Little Bear: Intresting.

Penny Ling: [whispers] Predator.

Brian: Hmm. Whatever it is, it might give us a chance to beating the villains.

Russell Fersugon: If, what ever that thing was is here anyway.

[With Thomas and the others]

Piston Spark: OpThomas, what are the orders?

Thomas: We're all in trouble.

James: So what are we gonna do, Thomas?

Thomas: It's time for reinforcements. [he walks back on the ship and lefts up a sword and frees Sparkle]

Sparkle: [roars]

Thomas: We need your help.

[Back with the others citizens are still running from the prototypes]

Brian: Come on, we have to keep moving!

[Rockets fire]

Cade: Come on, we got to move! Lets go, move! Where's Tessa? Tessa, get over here! Come on! Get over here!

Hound: Stay behind me! I'm covering you! If I stop covering you, it means I'm dead. But that ain't gonna happen.

[rockets fire]

Hound: [fires triple Gatling gun] Take that! I'm a wicked warrior robot! [fires rockets] Damn!

Ellen Ripley: Go, go, run!

[People are running and screaming]

[TBC robots are attacking]

Hound: We got hostiles coming down the street! Go! [fires a shotgun]

[TBC robots fire their cannons]

Hound: Bee, twelve o'clock! Cove fire!

Bumblebee: [fires his plasma cannon] [fires rockets]

[some of the team fire their guns]

Charles: We're surrounded! Hustle, hustle, hustle! Rocket! Go, go, go!

[They all hide inside a small restaurant]

Charles: Oh, this is the perfect place to hide. A big glass box! Nobody will ever find us here! That's... [gets frustrated]

[Then we see the prototypes]

Latios: Here they come!

Espeon: Alright, to my estimation there are a hundred and seventy robots each! That should hold the line by the time Thomas and the others get here!

[Soon we see the Pokemon beating up the robots by showing clips of them destroying them]

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