This is how battling the droids, and where Twilight and Jasmine duel Maglus, and then Nyx defeats Maglus in The Beginning of the Chronicles.

[back down on Earth]

Guard: Get ready!

[we several of our heroes ready for battle]

[Droid tanks move in]

[everyone readies their weapons]

Shining Armor: For Equestria!

[they all charge forward and collides with the droids as they start firing their blasters]

[Soon everyone is killing many of the droids while blocking blasts from their Blasters. And slashing their lightsabers with Sith fighters]

Barret Barricade: [firing his I-37 Pump Blaster] Don't let any of these fall into our homes.

[many of the droids are taken down and Sith's are killed]

[as this goes on, Nyx is watching the whole battle from the window]

Nyx: No! No! I don't want them to do this! I don't want anyone to get hurt! I've gotta get out of here!

[she starts hitting the door]

[down below the battle stil rages on]

Twilight: [looks up to the ship] No Sith is gonna keep Nyx away from me! [she then charge forward, destroying droids as she race on and soon she teleports herself into the ship] Nyx!

Nyx: [still htting the door] Open! Open! Let me out! [then she looks at the lightsaber and picks it up] How do you turn this thing on? [she then presses the "on" switch and the blade activates] Whoa! Now to get out of here!

[Nyx then uses the lightsaber to cut a hole in the door and then races out]

[with Twilight]

Twilight: Nyx! Nyx!

Nyx: [from another hall] Twilight?

Twilight: Nyx, where in the hay are you?!

[but behind her is Maglus]

Malgus: [activates his lightsaber] Looking for someone?

[Twilight looks back and avoids the swing from Maglus and she activate her own lightsaber]

[Soon the 2 clash their sabers in diffrent angles]

Maglus: Did you really think you could turn my apprentice good?

Twilght: Yes! And she will never join the Sith!

Maglus: Yes, she will!

[they continue clashing their sabers]

[as they continue clashing their sabers, in comes and Jasmine arrives]

Jasmine: [slowly approaches and activates her own lightsaber]

Maglus: [Force slams Twilight into the wall] Now, to finish you!

[but when he swings his saber, Jasmine blocks it]

Jasmine: Not yet!

Twilight: Jasmine!

Maglus: Ah, the Agrabah Princess.

Jasmine: Where is she?!

Maglus: She is gonna become my apprentice. And you die!

Jasmine: Never!

[they clash their sabers, just as Twilight gets back up and rejoins the duel]

[they all keep clashing their sabers at different angles]

[Then Nyx hears the noise and follows it]

Nyx: Twilight! Twilight!

Twilight: [hearing her] Nyx!

[but then Maglus Force throws her into the wall and then slams her on the floor several times.]

Malgus: Not Nyx.

Jasmine: [wars cries]

[but Maglus Force pushes her]

[Jasmine slams into the wall and lands to the floor]

Maglus: Foolish ones. [he thewn zaps them with Force lightning]

[The 2 yell in pain]

[then Nyx races in the room]


Maglus: [stops] Well, look who decided to join in.

Nyx: Stop it, Malgus!

Maglus: Well, if that's how you waant it? Then how about you complete the test. Kill Twilight Sparkle while we have her. And at last, you will be a Sith Lord!!

Nyx: [gasps] [she then looks at Twilight as she slowly approaches her and actiates her lightsaber]

Twilight: [tearing up] Nyx. Don't do it. You're not a Sith!

Malgus: Do it now, Nyx! Strike her down and you'll be loyal to me.

[Nyx lifts up her saber, ready to strike Twilight]

Jasmine: Don't listen to him, Nyx! He's madman! And the Sith will only destroy you!

Nyx: Don't look at me.

Twilight: Nyx, please don't do it!

Nyx: I said don't look at me!

[Twilight looks awway and Nyx shuts her eyes, ready to strike but her hooves start slightly shake and she begins sweating]

Nyx: Eh.. eh. [deactivates her lightsaber] I can't! I can't do it! I won't do it!

Malgus: Fine! I'll do it myself!

Nyx: No! [Force pushes Maglus back against the wall]

Maglus: You little pest! MOVE ASSIDE!

Nyx: No! I won't let you do this! You're a very horrid man! Twilight has given a good home, a good life, and I have lots of friends!

[as Nyx speaks Twilight uses the Force to retreve her lightsaber]

Nyx: I won't join this terrible program! I have a good life with Twilight and her fiernds. And if you wanna kill her, then you have to go through me! [activates her saber]

Maglus: [holds his fist, and he huffs and he puffs] RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Twilight: Nyx! [throws Nyx her own lighsaber]

[Nyx catches it and activates as Maglus activate his own and they start clashing their sabers]

[But Maglus then destroys Nyx's own lightsaber, leaving her to use Twilight's.]

["Qui-Gon's Noble End" starts playing]

[they continue clashing their sabers at 2 different angles]

Maglus: I'll give you points for your skills with a Lightsaber.

Nyx: I'm a fast learner.

[they continue clashing their sabers]

[then they clash once more push again each other but then Nyx uses her magic to grab Maglus' arms and then she cuts off his hands!]

Malgus: Oh!

[Nyx then catches Maglus' lightsaber as he falls to his knees and Nyx holds both lightsabers over his neck]

Twilight: Nyx! No!

Nyx; I have to! He deserves to die for what he's done to me.

Twilight: But Nyx, if you striek him down with anger, you'll be right back were you begun.

Nyx: [looks shocked at Twilight and then thinks] [deploys her lightsaber away] I let you live.

Maglus: Foolish child, you should've done me away when you had the chance. [he then zaps Twilight again with only what's left of his arms]

Twilight: GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Malgus: Now, Sparkle. You will die. [continues Force Lighting zapping Twilight]

Twilight: [yelling in pain, it's so loud it echos through the whole ship and everyone outside hears it]

Shining Armor: Twily!

Barret Barricade: Into the ship!

[several of them race onboard]

Barret Barricade: Split up and kill anything that tries to get you!

Cadance: Alright.

[they all split up and race down the halls]

Twilight: AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

Malgus: Die!

[then he winces as something strikes him]

Malgus: GRAH!! [he then looks down to see 2 lightsaber blades through his chest then we see Nyx is holding them]

[then some of our heroes race in]

Zoe Trent: Oh, my!

Barret Barricade: Well, looky there.

Minka Mark: Nyx!

Rarity: He's stabbed him!

Nyx: End of the line, Maglus! You never inflict trouble in my home or to my friends ever again! [she then pulls thte sabers aside]

[and then Maglus then falls to the ground dead, as Nyx deactivates the 2 lightsabers]

Nyx: [breathing deeply]

[then outside, all of the battle droids shut down]

Tyrone: What are they doing?

Blackie: [taps one droid with his pistol] It's alright! They've all shut down! Look! [pushes one down]

Emeperor Lunarlight: They are defeated!

[everyone cheers]

[inside the ship]

Nyx: It's over. [hands Twilight back her lightsaber]

Twilight: Nyx?

Nyx: I've done it.

Barret Barricade: Good job, You are certainly worthy of the Jedi.

Nyx: [grins as Twilight embraces Nyx]

[and then there's a bright flash]

Nyx: What's happening?!

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