Here's who the bee encounter goes in The Snowdrop Movie.

Mako: Snowdrop's family?

Pinkie: Snowdrop's family?

Human Pinkie: Hello?

Pepper Clark: [sniffing] [to herself] I know that smell!

[she then looks up a tree and sees some bees fall into a huge hole in it]

Pepper Clark: [in her mind] Oh man, I haven't had honey in days! [outloud] Hey, I think I saw something ion that tree! 

Pinkie: What?

Pepper Clark: I'll go take a closer look.

[she then climbs up the tree and looks into the hole]

Pepper Clark: It's honey time! [she reaches in to grab some]

[The bees stop and look at her and begin buzzing angirly]

[then one stings Pepper Clark's hand]

Pepper Clark: AH!! [slide down, holding her hand] Bother, I won't be able to get honey with them in the way. Time for a lullaby. 

Lullabee, lullabee, honey bees in the tree Rest your wings till the morning light

Lullabee, lullabee, honey bees in the tree

Your honey is safe tonight

Just dream to the tune I am singing Time to stop all that buzzing and stinging

Lullabee, lullabee, honey bees in the tree All I want is a smackerel or two, or three Don't sleep lightly, sleep very tightly Happy slumbers to you

Pepper Clark: [winks to the audience] [begins digging in, breaking off bits of honeycomb and eating the honey from them]

Pinkie: Pepper's been up in that tree for a long time.

Mako: Who knows.

Human Pinkie: I should go check on her. [starts climbing the tree]

Pepper Clark: [still eating]

Human Pinkie: Pepper? Pepper? Are you okay? [taps Pepper's back]

Pepper Clark: Ah! [sprays the nest]

[her spray then wakes up the bees]

Pepper Clark: Oh no.

Human Pinkie: Pepper?

[They jump down and land on the ground]

Pepper Clark: RUN!! BEES!!!

[The four run for their lives and the bees stung them on their flanks. And soon leaves begin to fall and then it starts to snow]

Narrator: At last, the day had come to an end. As days offen will. And what had begun to an exciting idea, had changed to a rather discouraging one.

Skyla: Snowdrop, I gotta go home now. Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: Who am I kidding myself? They're not coming, I'm gonna have to face it Skyla. I don't have relatives. I guess that means this heart capsule is gonna be staying empty, [closes it] forever. [sniffs]

Skyla: Snowdrop. You still have Yuna, Moon Starlight, Aunt Luna, and Uncle Hiro. Even Primrose when she visits you.

Snowdrop: I know, but I'm just a single soletary blind filly in the family. [wheeping as she flies home and her dragons follow]

Skyla: [looking sadly at Snowdrop as she flies home] Poor Snowdrop.

Arlo: I gotta go home, Skyla. See ya.

Skyla: You too.

[At the Crystal Empire, we see Skyla talking to Cadance and Shining Armor in her bed]

Skyla: And she flew away crying.

Cadance: Oh, the poor thing.

Skyla; I've never seen Snowdrop so sad before.

Shining Armor: You did try to help.

Skyla: I do wanna help her. I love her.

Scander: Skyla, you love everything.

Skyla: No, I dont!

Cadance: Scander!

Scander: Sorry, Mommy.

Skyla: I wanna help Snowdrop, Mommy.

Cadance: Well, try to think about while you sleep. [kisses her on the cheek]

Skyla: [yawns] Night, Mommy, night, Daddy. 

Shining Armor: Night, Kiddo.

Cadance: Come on girls, off to bed with you four.

Armor Bride: Alright, Mommy.

[Candace, Shining Armor, the four, leave Skyla's room]

Crystal Heart: [walks next to Skyla's bed and lays on the floor]

Skyla: [wakes up] I have to tell the girls. [goes to her sisters' room (who are sleeping)] Girls.. Girls.

Sweetie Heart: [groaning] What?

Britney Sweet: We're trying to sleep here!

Skyla: Sorry, but how about we help Snowdrop.

Scander: That blind filly?

Armor Bride: How do ya wanna help her?

Skyla: Write a letter.

Sweetie Heart: Write a letter?

Skyla: Yeah.

Scander: Do we have to?

Skyla: Come on! [drags her out of bed with her magic]

Scander: Whoa!

[Later, they come to Cadance and Shining Armor's room (who were sleeping) as their dragons are off to the side sleeping aswell.]

Armor Bride: [whispering] Sky, I don't think we should go into Mommy and Daddy's room while their sleeping!

Skyla: [whispering] Oh, come on!

Cadance: "Oh, come on" what?

Foals: [gasp]

[then the 2 wake up with stern looks]

Shining Armor: What are you doing up?

Skyla: It's my fault. We were gonna try and tell you to help Snowdrop write a letter back.

Cadance: [sighs] Alright, but after this you go back to bed.

Skyla: Yes, Mommy.

[They started to write]

Skyla: "Dear, Snowdrop...."

[It zooms out to a window]

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