A Ghost and the main and title character of the show. His name-proper is "Beetle Juice Jr.", but is known better

throughout the Neitherworld as "Beetlejuice", (all one word). He is the son of Gnat and Bee Juice (who nag him to get a job and to keep clean), and he has a "disgustingly cheerful" younger brother, called Donny Juice, who whether he realizes it or not gets on his older brother's nerves. Beetlejuice takes more after his mother in looks, (but he is taller than her), and inherits his crooked teeth from his father. Beetlejuice's usual attire consists of a matching suit with vertical black-&-white stripes, a magenta-colored shirt and a black tie, and a pair of beatle boots.


  • Beetlejuice, along side Lydia will meet Team Robot in the near future.