This is the begining scene of Revenge of The Ultratron.

[The film begins with the TriStar logo]

Optimus Prime: [narrating] My friend Thomas, had became a Prime years ago. And saved the world several times. He has also defeated many villains, such as Tirek; an evil, crazy, power-hungry, centaur. And giant rooster: Ernie, who tried to destroy Brian Griffin and his friends. And Megatrain; leader of the Deceptitrains. But the worst of them all was the evil Sith Lord: Darth Sideous. Within that time, 2 Terminator cyborgs were sent back to kill his family. The first, was sent back to stirke at Twilight Sparkle. His s[ouse, it failed. A second was sent back to stirke at Nyx, a young foal that was recently adopted by them. But we were able to send a lone warrior, a protector for Nyx. But it was just a question of who would get there first.

[as Optimus speaks, we see the Planet Harvester. And the Ultratron as it walks around and steps on some of the humans around and he picks up a human while it screams]

The Ultratron: [growls]

["Music Score: The Terminator 2: Main Title" starts playing as the title appears]

[them most of the credits roll by]

[Then we see the Terminator, in his robot form.]

[And then a metal grate closes]

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