Here is how the rescue mission begins in Genesis World.

Back with the others, Everyone was beginning to wonder about the Piranhaconda.

Patrick Star: What kind of snake is that?

Radcliffe: That's not a Titanoboa. I'll tell you that.

What Zit Tooya: Well, What dinosaur it that?!

Mr. Krabs: I don't know.

Princess Yuna: You know, I've seen plenty of monsters before. That thing out there, that's no dinosaur.

Mickey Mouse: Not a dinosaur?

Princess Skyla: the Piranhaconda is a monster.

Britney Sweet: It's half Piranha, half Anaconda. We better go find Alexis and Jim. They may be in danger.

The foals set off to find Alexis and Jim.

Mickey Mouse: Good luck.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Jim are in the woods.

Jim: No! Bad idea!

Alexis: Great idea!

Jim: Alexis!

Alexis: There. You see? You're welcome. Up close, there was four dinosaurs.

Jim: Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus. We should be here and there's only five dinosaurs.

Alexis: Aren't you supposed to be a genius or something. Look. One, two, three, four.

Jim: Five.

The Pirahnaconda was behind Alexis and Jim in the Gyrosphere and rises its head. Alexis and Jim looked behind them, And there was the Pirahnaconda.

Pirahnaconda: (screech)

Jim: Go! Go!

Alexis and Jim raced back to the grasslands. The Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus were stampeding.


The Gyrosphere gets bumped.

Alexis: Go! Go! Keep out of its way. This ain't good.

Alexis and Jim were upside down in the Gryosphere and the Piranhaconda is approaching.

Alpha Anklyosaurus: (hits the monster snake with it's club tail)

Pirahnaconda: (screech)

Alpha Anklyosaurus: (roars)

Pirahnaconda: (bits it in the legs)

The alpha Anklyosaurus runs off in retreat.

Alexis: There it goes now!

Jim: Well, at least, we're safe in here. Right?

Alexis: Yeah.

The Pirahnaconda wrapped it's coils around the Gryosphere.

Alexis: We're getting crushed!

Jim: I've never been that wrong before!

Pirahnaconda: (place its mouth on the Gryosphere)


The Pirahnaconda brakes it's glass. Alexis and Jim get out of the Gryosphere.

Alexis: Go! Go! Go!

Jim: I'm going as fast as I can!

The Pirahnaconda started chasing.

Alexis: Get ready to jump!

Pirahnaconda: (screeches)

Jim: He's getting close!

Alexis: One, two, three! JUMP!

Alexis and Jim jumped down a waterfall, swimming and out of the water.

Alexis: (breathing) That was a close one!

Jim: I'll say, Now what?

Alexis: We have to find Yuna and the gang.

Jim: Right.

Alexis: Come on, Before he continues chasing us.

The Pirahnaconda begins searching for it's prey.

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