Behold: The Yellow Dino Charge Power Ranger Part 1 is the 16th episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles Series


Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit and the Dino Charge Rangers was trapped by EVILS. Than, the Yellow Dino Charge Power Rangers arrives and help them. Who is he and where did he came from? While that, Mr. McEvil used his powers back to being back Iceage, Sting Rage, Meteor, Smokescreen, and Shearfear. Meanwhile, Jarvis call in Bowie. But, he didn't came. Could Bowie really be the Yellow Dino Charge Ranger? But, Bowie saw the action. If Bowie not the Yellow Dino Charge Ranger. Than who? 



Behold: the Yellow Dino Charge Power Ranger! Part 1/Transcript