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Belladonna, a demonic greyhound she demon.

is Annabelle's cousin who is a dog demon and Carface's master. She acts as a rival towards Charlie and Itchy. she really appears mainly in All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series, because Carface portrays the main villain in the first movie, and the sequel is taken by a more powerful enemy named Red. She is rumored to be a long lost daughter of Malefor, making her Mirage's sister, but it's no secret because she's a dog, and Mirage is half cat, the two presumingly never really get along. Either way, it's not very well known when Belladonna will begin to make her appearance in the Spongebob and Friends series, or if she'll become a villain leader, or even take over Team Nefarious from Dr. Nefarious to try and take on Mirage. Again, it's not really well known.