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Dawn Bellwether

Dawn Bellwether is the assistant mayor of Zootopia and the hidden primary antagonist of the movie of the same name.


  • Her voice actor Jenny Slate also appeared in the 3rd Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, Chipwrecked, as a neutral castaway named Zoe. She is also voicing a dog named Gidget in another 2016 animated feature, Illumination's The Secret Life of Pets.
  • When Bellwether begins her revenge streak on Barney's Adventures of Sing, it's revealed she has a beautiful voice.
  • Bellwether will become Sailor Moon's enemy in Sailor Moon's Adventures of Zootopia.
  • Bellwether becomes Ed, Edd, n Eddy's enemy in Ed, Edd, n Eddy visit Zootopia
  • In Ratchet and Clank's Adventures of Thomas & Friends: The Great Race, she develops a rivalry with Robert Callaghan
  • She can be assumed as one of the depraved villains for her many wicked deeds:
    • Pretending to be Judy's friend.
    • Stealing Lionheart's job.
    • Framing Lionheart.
    • Turning Predators into savages.
    • Shooting Nick with the night howler serum.
    • Betraying Nick and Judy.
    • Using Judy and Bogo as pawns to take over Zootopia


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