Benny leo johnny and rae go to jurassic park by kylgrv-d5cf5zz

Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae Goes to Jurassic Park is an upcoming written story in the Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures Series to be released in DeviantArt in the future.


John Hammond has invited two famous experts Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler and the leaders of the Fantasy Adventure Team--Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae--to Jurassic Park, a new amusement park populated with cloned dinosaurs to visit and ensure that the park is safe, but many troubles arise when one mistake can cause serious danger.


  • This is the first adventure of the Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures series to be based on a live-action movie.
  • Pete will make his appearence as a minor antagonist.
  • The title page was done by kylgrv.

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