Beware the Creeper It's the 38th Episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles by Daniel Esposito and It Will Appear on Zippcast in A Near Future.


The Joker throws a reporter into a vat of chemicals and turns him into the manically wacky superhero, The Creeper. Naturally, the nasty little goblin who works for the Horned King, also named the Creeper, files for copyright infringement, and all three nutjobs decide to go out against each other, plotting to kill one another out of madness. Unfortunately, this mad struggle between the three lunatics has not gone unnoticed, especially when someone much darker and more serious enters the picture to spoil their silly fun, someone like...the Horned King.


  • the Creeper from "The Black Cauldron" and The Horned King Guest Stars in this Episode

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