This is how Big Jake's inspiration goes in Big Jake and the Tarrytown Heroes.

[The episode opens with Big Jake telling Ryan-Ko a story]

Big Jake: And that's how I learned that Jay Jay wasn't bored at all and wanted to keep our special time together just the way it was.

Ryan-Ko: Nice story. I think Jessie Primefan saw me when my brother and I visit this world.

Sci-Ryan: Big Jake! I wanna show you something!

Big Jake: What is it?

Sci-Ryan: It's my latest copy of the 13th issue of the Flash.

[He brings out the comic]

Ryan-Ko: Sci-Ryan? I didn't know you love this comic.

Sci-Ryan: Are you kidding? It's the best.

[Cody-Ling glows]

Sci-Ryan: What's he saying?

Ryan-Ko: He saying that he likes it.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. You think you felt pain when turing to a jiangshi?

Ryan-Ko: Yup. I felt great pain.

Sci-Ryan: Of what?



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