Bill and Ben's Christmas Delivery is the 7th episode of the first season of Thomas' Adventures Chronicles.


Bill and Ben have been chosen to take the Christmas Tree and Decorations to Arendelle to celebrate the Christmas Party there.

Once collected the trucks, The Fat Controller arrived to tell the twin that Sunset Shimmer will be helping them on the way making sure nothing can go wrong. As soon as she arrives, snow started to fall. Sunset Shimmer think that Bill and Ben should check the weather with the dock manager first before they go. However the twins just ignor her and claimed that the weather dosen't bother them and went on their way.

On the way they met Harold who come to give them a warning that a snow had covered every part of the island and making it heard to see the tracks. Sunset Shimmer decided they better go through Henry's Tunnel. Bill and Ben Ignor her again and claimed they go through Great Waterton cause it's the quickers way but only ended up taking the wrong track. They soon come across Thomas with his snowplough and warning the three there's heavy snow in the gorge and loud noise would cause an avalanche.

Sunset Shimmer it's best that they should try and keep quiet as they puff through the gorge, Bill and Ben ignor here once again and blew their whistle so loud that the snow started to cover the Christmas train. Bill and Ben felt ashammed and reliase that Sunset Shimmer was trying to help them. The twin soon ask Sunset Shimmer how will they get the train to Arendelle on time. Sunset Shimmer suggested that if Bill and Ben raced the track at full speed then they can bash their train through the snow. The Plan worked and soon they were on their way once more.

When they arrived at Arendelle, everyone cheered for the twins, But Bill and Ben claimed that Sunset Shimmer have helped them on the way so they cheered her as well. The twins also claimed that they always rely the reformed person. Soon Sunset Shimmer and the twins become friends.