Bird Brain (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - Bird Brain is an evil blue-bottomed booby genius who can't fly with his wings (something he always forgets). He serves as one of the three main antagonists of the series where he would occasionally collaborate with Verminious Snaptrap and The Chameleon. His voice is similar to Ted Knight's character Ted Baxter from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Despite his species name's origin which is from the Spanish word "bobo" or "stupid," he is Petropolis' most competent villain. Bird Brain seems to be quite intelligent and capable at his job. Like Snaptrap, he is very easily frustrated by his foolish comrades. In "Thunder Dog" it is revealed that he is prematurely bald. In "A Doomed Christmas," it is revealed that although he looks old he is only 23. In "Hush Puppy," it is revealed that he lost his hair at a young age due to stress.
Bird Brain


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