This is how birth of Animal-Car goes in Animan.

[Cruz sits on the curb. Lightning comes over]

Lightning McQueen: Hey, Cruz, what's wrong?

Cruz Ramirez: Well, it's just the zoo keepers been akumatized.

Iago: Who?

Cruz Ramirez: [sighs] The guy with the fang around his neck.

Iago: Oh. I know that, Cruz. I can find the PJ Masks to help us. And fight Megatron.

Cruz Ramirez: Megatron's reformed, don't you realize that? If you were a panther, you'd find out just what fast means.

[She drives off. At Hawk Moth's lair]

Ryan Repulsa: Oh dear, Hawk Moth. A car from Cars 3 has got some anger and has love for animals too.

Hawk Moth: I hope she's ready for your Akuma.

[Ryan Repulsa fills an Akuma with dark energy]

Ryan Repulsa: Fly away, my little akuma. And help the car for the student of Primus.

[The Akuma flies out of the window]

[Cruz sits in an allyway alone when the Akuma lands on her puma sticker and a butterfly frame forms around her eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Animal-Car, I am Ryan Repulsa. I did notice you like animals as much as I do. Well. I give you Animan's powers so you can prove everyone. But, in return when the time comes, you must do me and Hawk Moth a favor.

Cruz Ramirez: Yes, Ryan Repulsa. Soon, Twilight, the Prime-Prince and all of Paris will pay.

Ryan Repulsa: Now, go out there and show them all that animals can go as fast as cars such like yourself.

Cruz Ramirez: I will. [smiles evilly]

[Cruz lets the Akuma consume her and she turns into Animal-Car]

Animal-Car: No more Mrs. Nice Kitten.

[Lightning McQueen comes over and sees her]

Iago: Cruz?

Animal-Car: The name's Animal-Car now.

Iago: McQueen? Did she remember what Timebreaker said?

Lightning McQueen: Yeah. I think so.

[Iago flies off and finds Ryan with Sci-Twi]

Iago: Ryan! Twilight!

Ryan F-Freeman: Iago?

Sci-Twi: What's wrong?

Iago: Cruz has been akumatized!

Sci-Twi: Oh my gosh.

Ryan F-Freeman: Sci-Twi? You mind wait for OpThomas while I go somewhere?

Sci-Twi: Sure.

[Ryan goes off with Iago]

Rikki: What's going on?

Iago: You need to fight Cruz. Time to transform!

Ryan F-Freeman: But we don't want to hurt her.

Rikki: Yes, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Rikki, Spots on!

[Rikki flies to Ryan's bracelet and it gains 5 Black spots. Ryan puts his hands over his eyes and a Ladyan mask appears on his face. Ryan's Sora outfit turns into Ladyan's outfit and a yo-yo appears. Ladyan does a dance like Ladybug and finishes off with a pose]

[Meanwhile, Sci-Ryan looks around and spots Sunset]

Sci-Ryan: Whoa! Sunset?

Sunset Shimmer: Hey.

Sci-Ryan: Looking for Cruz and Optimus before Megatron.

[Behind a tree, Ranyx heard what Sci-Ryan said]

Flitter: Doesn't he realize that Megatron's reformed?

Ranyx: Don't know. But, he said Cruz has been akumatized into an... an...

Flitter: A panther?

Ranyx: Yeah. Now is not the time to talk about "The Jungle Book". Flitter, wings open!

Flitter: Okay, Ranyx!

[Flitter flies into Ranyx's amulet on his coller and the gem gains some butterfly wings. Ranyx puts his arms out and they turn into Flutterwing's arms with wristguns on his forearms. He puts his hand and Flutterwing's mask appears. Ranyx's coat changes into Flutterwing's outfit and Butterfly wings pop out. Flutterwing fires his guns and dance like a Clown before stricking pose like Ladybug]

[Ladyan arrive]

Flutterwing: Ladyan! Thank Primus you are here.

Ladyan: I had to.

Flutterwing: So, where are Ladybug and her cat friend?

Ladyan: You mean Cat Noir?

Flutterwing: Yeah. But we have to find Cruz and find the Akuma before Megatron does!

Ladyan: Megatron's reformed.

Flutterwing: Oh. And where are Kitty Noir and SwanSong?

[Ladyan shrugs and they saw Animal-Car]

Flutterwing: Cruz! Stop what you're doing or I'll blast you and Megatron into the PJ Masks world!

Animal-Car: Megatron's reformed! And the name's Animal-Car. I'm here to show you the true meaning of being fast.

Flutterwing: Catboy is better then you. [flies up in the air] See? I can fly, I can fly~

[Animal-Car growls]

Animal-Car: Stop singing!

Ladyan: Why not? You can't fly and Megatron is replaced by Bertram.

[She pounces on Megatron]

Flutterwing: Of course you realise. This means war.

[Flutterwing flies at Animal-Car but grabs Megatron instead]

Flutterwing: I got you now!

[He tosses Megatron at Animal-Car but she dodges and Megatron gets knocked out. Meanwhile, in Hawk Moth's lair]

Ryan Repulsa: Megatron has gone offline! It won't be long before they learn the true meaning of fast.

[Meanwhile, Sci-Ryan looks around and spots Animal-Car]

Sci-Ryan: Cruz? Did you got all panther?

Animal-Car: Cruz is gone back to the PJ Masks world, Human Ryan. I am Animal-Car, the fastest thing alive.

[Sci-Ryan runs away and Animal-car transforms into an Emu. Roxanne and Silvia watch]

Roxanne (Rianna's Nobody): Silvia. You see a car animal?

Silvia: Yes. I think it is time to transform.

Roxanne (Rianna's Nobody): Let's do it. Silvia, sing out!

[Silvia flies into Roxanne's belt and the buckle gain 5 Swan feathers and a note. She moves her hands across her face and gains a mask like SwanSong. Her black coat turns into SwanSong's suit and gains a yoyo and wings. She spins like Odette and pose like Ladybug]

Animal-Car: Who is fastest now,

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